Absher أبشر Mod Apk

Absher أبشر Mod Apk is the official e-government service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides Saudization (Nitaqat), Passports, National IDs, Driver’s licenses, Traffic fines, etc.
أبشر على العالم بأن شركة الإسلام والعقيدة للأعمال من خلال إدارة موقعها الإلكتروني تتواصل مع زبائنها وتقدمهم مجموعة متنوعة من الخدمات والتسهيلات وأدوات لتسهيل حياتهم في كل المجالات .
قبل ٣ شهور كانت العملية الأساسية في الحصول على بطاقة مسافر لجهة المعسكرات من خلال إسماع انتظار وبالتالي كان الوقت المتاح لـ خدمة الطلب متواضع

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The service is mobile-enabled and accessed through the Absher App from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to complete your transactions on the move and offers notifications and reminders to keep you updated on the status of your application at all times.

Description Of Absher أبشر Mod Apk

View and manage your e-Services transactions, applications, and requests anytime, anywhere!

The main goal of this service is to provide an easy way for people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to transact with the government electronically. This service will be available on selected branches of commercial banks included in the project. It aims to provide fast, easy, and secure access to government agencies and provide modern electronic administrative services.

Details of Absher أبشر Apk

For all nationalities:

You can apply for, amend and reissue your e-visas through the Absher system, even if you do not live in Saudi Arabia or have a residency permit.

To view an e-Visa application: Visit absher.gov.sa, click on “Apply,” and click on “View Applications.” Then click on “View” to view your electronic visa application.

To amend an e-Visa application: Visit absher.gov.sa, click “Apply,” and click “View Applications.” Then click on “View” to view your electronic visa application. Next, make any necessary changes to the details in your e-visa application and then click on “Amend.” You will send your amended application instantly to the relevant authority for processing.

To reissue an e-Visa application: Visit absher.gov.sa, click on “Apply,” and click on “View Applications.” Then click on “View.”

Features Of Absher أبشر

  • View all service transactions such as passport renewals, visa renewals, and other services.
  • Manage your applications and requests 24/7 with instant access to information on the status of your application or appeal. Stay informed of any changes made to your application or request without performing an inquiry by calling our call center.
  • Change modes between list view and map view to find the location you are looking for.
  • You have advanced filtering options to help you narrow down your search results based on specific criteria.
  • Save time by setting notifications for specific transaction statuses that you choose for near real-time updates.
  • Have confidence in the security of your transactions with a secure connection to the eServices portal via HTTPS protocol.

Currently, you can use Absher أبشر Mod Apk to

  • Renew your passport through a commercial bank
  • Renew your ID card via an authorized agency
  • Update personal information (name, marital status, address) through a commercial bank or any authorized agency
  • Apply for a birth certificate through an authorized agency
  • Renew your driver’s license through a commercial bank
  • Enroll in the electronic payment system through a commercial bank.


1- Open your android phone and go to settings.

2- Scroll down to “Additional settings.”

3- Click on “additional settings.”

4- Click on “browse additional setting.”

5- Click on “application.”

6- Click on “install from sd card.”

7- Find Absher أبشر Mod Apk

8- Click on Absher أبشر Mod Apk

9- Click “install.”

10– Wait for the installation process to finish.

11- You have installedAbsher أبشر Mod Apk.


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Absher أبشر Mod Apk is a digital service of the Saudi Arabian Government offering online services for Saudi citizens. The service allows users to perform many of the tasks that used to be carried out at government offices, including renewing passports and paying traffic fines. In addition, users can also access information about the latest news, events, and weather in Saudi Arabia.


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