Gold Price Mod Apk أسعار الذهب الحية لجميع أنحاء العالم

Gold Price Mod Apk is a free mobile app that provides real-time gold prices. The Live Gold Price the World app is a free app from BGCM (Bullion Group of Companies Limited) that provides real-time gold prices daily for precious metals. Live Gold Price The World App will help you to make the right decision at the right time and help you save money on your precious metals purchases.

The Gold Price Mod Apk currency converter app shows you a live rate and the current exchange rates at which you can buy and sell your assets in real time. To view the live rate for all currencies, go to your home screen, swipe left until you see Live Gold Price, and swipe up to launch it.

During the initial setup, you can set up your preferred currencies to use as the basis for calculating current prices concerning your preferred currency. But if you want to change this setting, go to ‘Settings > Preferences’ on the top right corner of the Live Gold Price application and tap ‘Preferences.’ Now tap on the ‘Currencies’ tab and select or select the ‘Other currencies’ option from the drop-down list there. Here you can choose any currency you want as a basis for calculations of live rates by selecting it from the drop-down list provided.

Features of Gold Price Mod Apk

Gold Price Mod Apk for All The World is an application that tells you to live gold prices in all countries.

MODDED features of Live Gold Price for All The World:

  • Live news feeds give users the latest information on gold prices.
  • A chat room where you can talk with other users about the price of gold.
  • An interactive platform that allows users to participate actively in the market.
  • Real-time charts show how various commodities are trading in real-time.
  • Date Picker: It shows today’s date in different formats.
  • The Sunrise and sunset calculator offers a given location’s Sunrise and sunset time.

How to download and install Gold Price Mod Apk?

Gold Price Mod Apk is a mobile app designed to give you up-to-the-minute information on how the gold price is changing and how the gold market is performing in all the world’s major markets.

  1. Open the link to download apk files on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the download button. The download will start automatically. Wait until the download is complete.
  3. After downloading, open your browser and install apk files (download folder).
  4. Press the long button at the right side of the address bar and select “open in new tab.”
  5. Find the downloaded apk file, click it and press “install.”
  6. You can start playing the game from your smartphone or tablet now. Have fun!


Gold Price Mod Apk is a FREE application that offers precious metals quick and accurate instant price updates. It also provides valuable information about buying, selling, and storing gold and other precious metals, including Real-Time Price Updates. The app shows you real-time current values for gold and silver at all major world markets like London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Zurich. A market day starts at 11:00 am GMT or London time.

You can see live prices for gold, silver, and platinum on this app as soon as they are posted on the web. In addition, you can make quick cash by selling your old jewellery or collectables of any precious metal to this app to make extra income online. By using our Mobile App, you can sell your jewellery to others worldwide at the Best Price.


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