Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk

Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk is an android application developed by the General Directorate of e-Services of the Saudi Ministry of Health. Its design is to help users in the ministry, hospitals, and other health facilities staff with the information they need regarding their daily activities and tasks.

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Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk app is the official app of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. The application’s design is to facilitate and enhance communication between the users and their visit to the different services offered by the ministry and provide them with relevant information about health services.


The project started in April 2017, and the launch date was on 9th October 2017. A cross-functional team of 12 developers and designers worked on developing the application. In addition, a dedicated designer did the design of the app. The app has been released both on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.


Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk contains three main sections; News, Services, and Health Centers.

The news section connects users directly with all news related to the health sector in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it gives users the latest information about the health sector in their region or city, including press releases, events, campaigns, achievements, and others. In addition, there is a section for sharing any published articles regarding the health sector in Saudi Arabia, which can share via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The services section provides users with a list of all services offered by the Ministry of Health in different regions or cities where they live or work within categories such as general.

The app provides the following services.

1. Schedule service appointments in all health facilities.

2. Booking appointments to retrieve medical reports in any hospital within the Kingdom.

3. Register as a user for free and login to apply for jobs, leave a message for your applications, monitor job status, and receive notifications from the system.

4. The application also includes generating an electronic card for buying medicines from pharmacies inside or outside health facilities.

5. Ability to create groups for work procedures and communication between team members for coordinating work inside and outside health facilities.

Features of Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk

  • Notification from the ministry of health about the schedule of vaccination campaigns and special days for the vaccination of children.
  • The immunization schedule for your child for all health centers in your area and the nearest health center to your home address.
  • The latest news about preventive health campaigns and educational programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Links to download forms, documents, and applications required by the ministry of health.
  • Links to sites related to preventive medicine in the country.
  • Links to sites related to social security and health insurance organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Links to the places associated with national programs, including the National Guard, Special Forces, Civil Defense, Firefighters, and Red Crescent.

How to install the Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk?

1- On your android device, go to settings -> security and tick the box next to “Unknown Sources”- If your device does not have an option for Unknown Sources, please follow this tutorial: How to enable Unknown sources on Android devices

2- Download the Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk from our website.

The application Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk The Saudi Ministry of Health developed Saudi Ministry of Health with the help of the Saudi banks to create an application that allows users to view their pay slips by entering their password number and their employee number in Arabic.

Tested and verified on: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 3, iPad Air, and iPad mini 3 running on ios 8.0 and higher.

The application officially launched in January 2017, but it is now available for download. For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Saudi Ministry of Health at

Installation instructions of Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk

  • Install Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk directly from your browser to your phone. Click “Install”
  • Open the Mawid (موعد) Apk and log in using your details
  • The app will redirect you to another page where you will enter your employee number in Arabic (10 digits numbers separated by a dash) And your password number (6 digits numbers separated by a life). Then click “Login.”
  • You can enter only one time per day, but you can log in again after 24 hours.
  • You will then


One of the main reasons for our Mawid (موعد) Mod Apk for the Ministry of Health is the messaging feature. The ministry can send messages to citizens and remind them about their appointments with health centers or hospitals.


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