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Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk in the Arabic language is the word that describes the Islamic notion of trust in God, which is also knowns as “trusting to God’s plan. It is defined as perfect faith in God and faith in God only. Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk is a theological notion codified in Shaqiq al-Balkhi, who described it as a spiritual condition. Tawakkul is an organic result of the extreme zuhd. Zuhd is described as a result of Tawakkul and trust in God in conjunction with the love of poverty.

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Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk has led to a debate about whether or not Tawakkul is the result of complete faith. A writer wrote that one who believes in God is similar to a newborn searching for its mother’s milk and always finding it. The author says that, like the infant, the person who believes in God is always guided by God.

Interpretation Of Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk

Since the beginning of Islam, There has always been a debate regarding the importance of the concept of Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk to be a virtue of daily living. The discussion revolved around questions like whether or whether Tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk permitted God to make use of intermediary causes, as well as the extent of dependence on God.

The views of total and extreme dependency on God up to being pure fatalism were popular among the rejectionist and ascetics. But, on the other hand, philosophers like Bayazid Bastami prefer the virtues in “Kasab” or “earning a living”…

It has been stated there are three levels of tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk, namely the trust of the believer and that of the selected, as well as the faith of the chosen selection. Each of these ranks is achieved through an active change in your mind and self. Faith-based reality is living each day at a time, not worrying about what tomorrow might bring you, but simply believing in God’s plan.

The trust is the trust of the selected, relying on God without any motives or expectations. It’s about letting go of all desires. The absolute faith of the chosen select means that you surrender to God fully so that His wishes become the sole desires of your life. 

It is believed that since God created all things and everything is his, It is selfish to desire anything other than what God would like or not want, something that God provides for you. Awake is the Arabic word Tawakkul a madar (verbal noun) derived from the fifth version of the Arabic word.

Muslim tradition

Quranic references: The active participle of tawakkul (توكل) Mod Apk is found in 38 verses of the Qur’an.

  • If a person puts all their faith in Allah and trusts in Allah, Allah will be sufficient. (Quran 65:3)
  • and put your trust (in Allah; you are indeed a believer. (Quran 5:23)
  • The Quran can be described as the Rabb of the west and east. There is no god other than Him So, take the Lord as your protector. (Quran 73:9)
  • Trust the eternal Allah who never dies, and praise Him with joy. (Quran 25:58)
  • In Allah shall the trustful faith be established. (Quran 14:12)

Hadith: Umar bin Khattab claimed that he had heard Muhammad telling me, “If you all depend on Allah with due reliance, He would certainly give you provision.

There are many Muslim stories, like the one from Rabi’a demonstrating Tawakkul (توكل) Apk. Rabi’a stated that after her donkey passed away in the desert while performing Hajj, she rejected assistance from a caravan instead of relying on God to take care of her.[1616 Sahl al-Tustari said that seeing secondary causes indicates faithlessness in God.


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