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"تقدم لك ألعاب المطارات مغامرات رائعة، ولعبة Airport City أكثر من مجرد لعبة للمحاكاة أو لجمع النقود. تقوم هذه اللعبة على ميزتين فريدتين، حيث تجمع بين حس المغامرة الذي تتميز به ألعاب الطائرات، والحاجة إلى التخطيط الاستراتيجي التي تظهر في ألعاب محاكاة بناء المدن. إذا كنت تفكر في أن هناك مجالات أخرى غير الزراعة، فتوقّف عن متابعة ألعاب المزارع قليلاً وابدأ في بناء بلدتك التي سرعان ما ستتحول إلى مدينة تدريجيًا، ثم إلى كيان حضري ضخم يضّم أفضل مطار في العالم! نحن نعلم كيف أن ألعاب الطائرات تصبح متكررة مع مرور الوقت، لذلك نعمل باستمرار على تحسين لعبة محاكاة المدن التي لدينا هنا لضمان توفير عنصر التشويق الدائم للاعبينا على الأرض وفي الجو على حدٍ سواء.
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June 09, 2022
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Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk is a game in which you construct, expand, manage and grow an airport. The game lets you become the owner of your airport as you build and customize it. You then use it to profit from all sorts of incoming and outgoing flights while also dealing with events such as natural disasters, emergencies, fires, etc.

Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk

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Introduction of Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk

Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk allows you to build, manage and run your airport! Fulfill your client’s needs by building and upgrading airport buildings, including domestic and international terminals, runways, hangars, and more. Actively increase your profits by building new hotels and restaurants, attracting tourists around the airport to spend money on services.

Description of Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk

Airport City is the most comprehensive FREE aviation tycoon and construction simulation game, accommodating all players from aviation enthusiasts to air traffic controllers with deep gameplay. It is a best-in-class simulation game for mobile devices, set in an Airport City environment. You can manage your fleet of planes and helicopters, collect landing fees from planes that land on 13+ beautifully designed runways, and build and upgrade your airport with navigation aids, hangars, restaurants, and infrastructure.

Airport City is an elegant construction tycoon game where you handle airport management, design, and construction. Start small by creating a simple airport and help it become a thriving hub for international travelers. It’s all about the details: Construct realistic buildings and vehicles, use smooth controls, and synchronize flights in time to regional weather for busy runways – in short: You create your own Airport City!

Features of Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk

  • Build a modern airport capable of handling all types of aircraft.
  • Build a city around your airport to support its growth.
  • Collect rare blueprints, craft new structures, and expand your territory.
  • Establish flight routes to exotic locations and send planes to their destination.
  • Send special cargo flights to earn extra rewards! Discover new technologies and become the best player on the leaderboards.
  • Join an Airline to play with friends, help each other out and share resources.
  •  Build the airport of your dreams and manage dozens of flights worldwide.
  • Send planes to faraway continents, explore new technologies and discover rare artifacts.
  • Join a club to team up with friends or play on your own. The choice is yours!
  • Play the game and experience a true sense of flight and aircraft control in the sky!

How to Download?

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Enter Airport City in the search box and tap Search on the keyboard.
  • Tap GET next to the app listing, then tap INSTALL next to the duplicate app listing.
  • Enter your Apple ID password if prompted, then wait for the download to complete (see image below).
  • Once the download completes, Airport City will automatically install on your device, and an app icon will be created on your home screen (see image below).
  • The app icon will stay on your device until you delete it from your home screen by pressing and holding its icon until it wiggles, then tapping x.

Airport City Construction Simulator Mod Apk


The main objective of the Airport City Construction Simulator Mod APK is to build as many airports as possible. You need to manage your resources well, so they stay supplied before your next mission. You can choose from aircraft like Airbus A380 or Boeing 747 to help you with your missions. Each aircraft type has unique skills that can be used for specific missions.

What's new

تستعد Airport City الآن لاستقبال الربيع.الأشجار وارفة الخضرة وتهب رياح دافئة في الشوارع. حان وقت الانطلاق في مغامرات جديدة! اعثر على أوراق البرسيم الجالبة للحظ والجني الصغير الشقي في جميع أنحاء المدينة. حلّق فوق الأسطح على أجنحة الحب. وأخيرًا، تأكد من استمتاعك بنزهة لا تُنسَى في الحديقة بمناسبة عيد الفصح. استمتع بوقت الربيع!

الإصلاحات والتحسينات:
* لعبة يمكنك الاستمتاع بها على جميع الأنظمة الأساسية! العب على الأجهزة المختلفة بدون أن تفقد أي تقدّم أحرزته
* إصلاحات الأخطاء



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