Car Tycoon- Car Games for Kids

Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk‏ is an exciting game based on the business strategy genre. It is a game in which you are the owner of a car factory and aim to manufacture cars and sell them for a profit. In other words, you are running a car company and the one that manufactures cars and sells them at a profit. The first step in the business strategy game is ensuring you have enough money to start your car company. The first thing you need to do to start your car business is to gather all your finances together.

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Introduction of Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk

After collecting all of your money, you can start purchasing new cars and selling them at a profit. Once you start your business, you will want to keep track of all the vehicles you have purchased and sold. This can be done by using an inventory system such as Microsoft Office or another program that keeps track of everything in your car business. You will need to collect all your money, such as savings account interest, home equity loans, credit card payments, etc…

To build cars, you need money to buy parts first. When you have enough parts and money, you can start building them. You can add more factories to each company by buying them with cash or coins. You will also need workers to put all the parts together in your factory and make the cars.

Description of Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk

Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk‏ is an excellent car game in which you can show your driving skills and complete different missions. You can drive around the city in a police car, ambulance, or taxi and complete exciting missions. Get into your police car and pursue criminals to put them behind bars. If you are lucky, you will receive a call for an emergency in the hospital, and you have to drive your ambulance to the hospital as soon as possible.

You can also be a taxi driver in this awesome taxi game. Pick up passengers from one place and drop them off at their destinations. You have to complete every mission within the time limit. Earn money by completing missions and unlocking new cars, trucks, buses, and helicopters. Drive fast but do not hit other cars while driving fast; otherwise, your vehicle will get damaged.

Features of Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk

  • Different cars to unlock
  • Endless fun driving around in different cars
  • Fun tasks to complete
  • It’s free.
  • Accessible play mode for the little ones.
  • Lots of colors to paint the vehicle with.
  • Stickers to customize the car further.
  • Wheels that adapt perfectly to your vehicle.
  • Realistic sound effects and animations that imitate reality.
  • Roadmap Mode – which allows you to plan your route;
  • Drive Mode – where you can choose from different types of cars and drive them around the city;
  • Garage Mode – where you can build your garage, store your cars and customize them;
  • Store Mode – which allows you to purchase new vehicles or sell your old ones;
  • Economy Mode – where you can earn money by selling goods and services to customers;
  • Car Tycoon features a rich 3D world with a realistic physics engine and detailed graphics, making it one of the best car games.

How to Download?

1. Go to the link in the video description

2. Download and install the app

3. Create your account using a valid email address

4. Log into your account, search for Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids and click add

5. Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids will be added to your account in a few minutes


Car Tycoon Car Games for Kids Mod Apk is a fun tycoon game with a car theme. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. The developer, Tap Pocket, has several other tycoon games similar to this one. In-Car Tycoon, you start by selecting one of the four-car companies: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, or Dodge. You then start building cars in the factory.


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