Dicey Dungeons APK

Dicey Dungeons APK is a turn-based RPG, which means that the gameplay is turn-based, and the player has control over their character. The game features many different kinds of monsters to fight. You can also level your character and choose from many other classes to help you. The same people who worked on another top-rated RPG called “Dungeon Keeper” developed the game.

Dicey Dungeons APK has received many positive reviews from critics and players alike because it offers an excellent blend of fun gameplay and good graphics. The graphics are amazing, especially considering that a small team of developers developed this game.

Character 0f Dicey Dungeons APK

The characters of Dicey Dungeons are based on the dice, which means that there are many types of characters in the game. These characters include the dragon, knight, monk, and demon. Each character has unique skills. The dragon can fly and attack enemies with its fire breath, while the knight can use his sword to attack enemies from afar. The monk can use his fists to punch enemies and jump high into the air to attack them from above. The demon is a strong fighter who can quickly destroy large groups of enemies. All these characters have different abilities and strengths that make them stand out.

Features of Dicey Dungeons

There are a lot of game features but here we will discuss the main features that cover the whole game.

Easy to Handle

Another feature of this game is its intuitive interface and easy navigation control system. There are a lot of buttons on the screen that you need to tap on to move around in your castle and fight monsters, etc. So this makes it easier for users who do not know how to use a mouse or keyboard very well because they will be able to operate the device or interface easily.

Unbelievable Sound Effect

The second feature of Dungeons APK is that it has excellent sound effects that make it even more fun than other games we have seen before; the sound effects in this game are unique and very realistic. They will make your experience much better than before. If you are playing on your computer or laptop, it will be like a real movie.

Create your community

Dicey Dungeons is an online multiplayer game, and you can play with your friends, family members, and other gamers worldwide! The game is played in a chat room where players talk to each other. You have to be careful about your words because there are no restrictions on cursing or offensive language. But most importantly, this game has a multiplayer mode where you can choose your character and start playing the dungeon.

Free Gems

In the game, you will get a lot of gems with which you can unlock all heroes. The more the number of the hero you want to open, the more rocks you need to spend. You can also make purchases in the game store for more goodies.


Dicey Dungeons APK also has excellent graphics and sound effects. The pictures are perfect and look very realistic.

Dice Hero Classes


Strong in melee combat, with a shield to protect against incoming attacks.


Cast powerful spells that can deal damage to enemies or heal allies.


Sneak around the dungeon, avoid detection and take out enemies silently.


Heal allies with healing magic, or use powerful protective shields to protect them from harm.


Play music and boost the attack power of other heroes.

Rolling Dice

This is the main feature of this game. You must roll at least three dice of the same number to win the match. You can win many levels in this game, and there are also some challenges you must complete to get more points.

Getting Points

You need to get points by rolling at least three dice which will help you win matches in this game. You may use these points to buy new characters, skills, and equipment for your personality and unlock new challenges and missions.

Levels of Dicey Dungeons APK

The levels in this game are long and go on forever. There are over 500 levels in total, and I would say that about 90% of them are very easy to complete (or at least more accessible than most other levels). However, some tricky levels will challenge even the most seasoned players.