Dragon Ball Legends APK

Dragon Ball Legends APK is a top-rated game that has been downloaded over 10 million times. The same people who created Dragon Ball Fighting Legends developed the game using the same engine. The graphics in this version are improved over the previous version. The story of Dragon Ball Legends mod apk is about Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks trying to save their planet from an alien invasion. You will fight against aliens with your friends in this action-packed game.

You can use special moves and techniques while fighting enemies in the dragon ball legends apk obb download. You can also unlock new characters as you progress through the story mode of this game. This makes it even more fun to play. You start with some basic cards and must build up your deck over time by buying new ones from shops or winning them in battles. Each card has unique abilities and can be upgraded with gold coins earned by winning matches.


Gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends APK

The gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends is based on an auto-play system, where you can select an action and watch it happen. For example, when you want to attack an enemy, you must tap on it and wait until the attack animation finishes. After that, the action will continue automatically until you hit another enemy or get hit yourself. You can pause the action at any time by tapping on your character’s icon in the lower-left corner of the screen or by tapping anywhere else on the net.

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This game has been developed by GungHo Online Entertainment Inc. and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. in collaboration with the anime series Dragon Ball, known to be one of Japan’s most popular animated series for more than two decades since its first episode in 1986 and is still running today.

Auto Train

The auto-train feature is one of the essential features of the game. Dragon Ball Legends apk feature helps you to build your team quickly and easily. You can also use the auto-train feature to combine characters from different series into one unit.


 Dragon Ball Legends is a social game, so all players must be friends to complete quests, fight against other players and unlock new characters. You can do this with Facebook or Google+ accounts.


Missions are special quests that require you to complete specific tasks to achieve them. For example, a mission may require you to collect items or destroy enemies, or it may ask you to defeat a powerful enemy boss or order items from specific locations.

Different Modes

The game has a wide range of modes for you to enjoy. You can play through the story mode, which will have you playing through the story mode. You can also play in a battle mode where you fight against other players online or in local multiplayer battles. You can also choose between different ways when playing this game, such as “Time Attack”, which allows you to compete with other players on your time; or “Casual Mode”, where everything is at your own pace; or even “Challenge Mode”, where you have to complete all chapters to win the game!

Customize Your character’s

Dragon ball legends apk unlimited crystal also allows players to customize their character’s clothing and equipment, which can be purchased using in-game currency earned through playing the game or through microtransactions.

Main Weapon

Your primary weapon in Dragon Ball Legends is Tien Shinhan’s Sword. It has many special features, such as fast attack speed, high damage output and more. However, its weakness lies in its low defence value (it can only be used once per mission).

Create Their Characters

Dragon Ball Legends apk mod allows players to create their own characters and then battle them out with other players online. This is done by choosing from various characters, each with unique abilities and skills.