Solitaire Dragons Mod Apk سوليتير التنانين


سوليتير التنانين لعبة ورق رائعة بالنسبة لك مع موضوع تنين رائع. استناداً إلى ألعاب أوراق سوليتي، فإنها تتوافق مع روح لعبة سوليتير الكلاسيكية (المعروفة أيضاً باسم الصبرأو كلوندايك) وستساعدك على تدريب عقلك.
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A Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk is a card game played by a single person. Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk(also known as double solitaire) is one of the most challenging solitaire games. It is played with two decks and each deck has its own foundation piles, tableau piles, and waste piles. The goal of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk is to put all 52 cards into the 8 foundations at the top of the game screen from Ace to King.

Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

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Introduction of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

The four foundations on the left can only be built up in a suit from Ace to King, and the four foundations on the right can only be built down in a suit from King to Ace. When you have finished playing dragon solitaire, double-click on any tableau pile or foundation pile to turn over three cards at a time.

Description of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk is a variation of the classic game of solitaire. Dragon Solitaire is a fun and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours! The game has three different levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. In Dragon Solitaire, your goal is to clear all cards from the board by building them from Ace to King in a suit. You can only build cards downward in value and alternating colours (ex: A black 2 on a red 3). Cards can be moved to an empty column or onto a card that is one higher than it. You may also move a group of cards if they are all in descending order and alternating colours.

Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk is a solitaire game played with two decks (104 cards). The goal of the game is to move around the tableau and create four piles of cards on the right-hand side. One for each ace. This game is an extended version of Yukon Solitaire, where we try to put all cards in descending order on a set of 4 piles in the upper right corner. We have a single waste pile (or talon) where we can put a card from the tableau, or pick up one card from the waste pile and return it to the tableau. The game ends when all cards are in place, or there are no more moves possible.

Features of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

  1. Collecting the cards into a complete set. They need to be collected in order from 2 to Ace, and with the same suit.
  2. You can move a card or a stack of cards only if they are of the same suit and are placed in the right order.
  3. You can put a card on an empty cell only if it is a King.
  4. The tableau is built sequentially down in suit up to kings.
  5. Only Kings or sequences of cards that end with a King may be moved.
  6. A sequence of cards may be moved only if the card at the head of the sequence has a rank of one more than the tail of the sequence being moved.
  7. Only one card at a time can be moved.
  8. The reserve pile is used for the temporary storage of individual cards from columns in the tableau and from the waste pile.
  9. No more than one card may be stored in the reserve pile at any time.
  10. There are several variations of the game that affect the rules, layout, and number of cards used.
  11. The most common variations are played by either two or four players, although individual players can play against the house (the casino itself) in some casinos.
  12. The basic objective of the game is to build up to four foundations in an ascending suit sequence from Ace to King with cards of the identical suit.
  13. The layouts of these games vary greatly by region; however, in all cases, the player may choose to “hit” (i.e., take another card) or “stand” (end their turn) at any point during their turn.

How to Download Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk?

  • Download Dragon Solitaire Game by clicking on the button below:
  • Download Game
  • Dragon Solitaire can be downloaded from Google Play or as APK from our mirror.
  • This app APK has been downloaded 100–500 times on the store.
  • You can also download Dragon Solitaire from our site with the available link and run it with the popular Android Emulators.

Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

Conclusion of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

Dragon is a unique version of Solitaire. It is a 2 deck game that consists of 104 cards. The goal of the game is to move all cards from both decks to the foundation piles (one for each suit). The foundations are built in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King. The tableau has 7 piles and each pile is dealt with a different number of cards. There are two special cells (the top right and left ones) where you can place any single card at any time. On the right, you can also place any card or sequence of cards as long as they are all in descending suit sequence.

FAQs of Dragon Solitaire Mod Apk

Q. How do I get started?

A. Try the demo game to get an idea of how to play. Then click on ‘New Game’ and follow the instructions.

Q. What browsers are supported?

A. The game works with IE6, IE7, Opera, Firefox, and Safari (Mac) on Windows XP(SP2). It also works with Firefox 1.5 and Safari 2 on Mac OS X 10.4.8. Other browsers have not been tested and may or may not work correctly.

Q. What are the technical requirements?

A. This game is written in JavaScript and uses the W3C DOM API only – no other libraries such as YUI or Prototype are used. It should work with any browser that supports this API but has been tested only with a few major browsers (see above). No special support is required from the server side – it will work on any web server that allows JavaScript files to be accessed by a web browser client.

What's new

- Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


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