Egg Inc Mod APK

Egg Inc Mod APK is a game where you manage your egg farm. You can hatch your eggs, feed them and then sell them at the market. You can also sell the eggs of other players on the market and earn money. You start as a small-time chicken farmer with only one chicken. But as you progress in the game, you will unlock different types of chickens and upgrade your chicken farm to be more efficient.

In this game, you take the role of a virtual incubator that produces eggs. The goal is to build a successful company and make money by selling the eggs you produce. Naturally, the more profitable it is, the higher your score will be. Renowned developers of such games have developed the game as Candy Crush Saga and 2048, who have achieved many awards for their work in this genre of games.

Egg Inc Mod APK is a new arcade game, developed by Hardlight Ltd. The game was released on 11th December 2017 in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This is a physics-based game where you must use your skills to create your factory. You can play this game in offline mode as well as online mode.


The gameplay of Egg Inc is simple: You control a worker in a factory that produces eggs from which you can sell them to other players or sell them to the boss for extra money. Each level has several tasks that must be completed before moving on to the next level. Most of these tasks involve collecting unique items, such as keys or coins while avoiding enemies that appear at random intervals on the map. These enemies can be killed with one hit or defeated by collecting coins at their feet.

This simulation game has been designed for players who love naval warfare games like Lovelink Mod APK or Train Simulator Mod APK Railroad Game.

Different Modes

Egg Inc Mod APK download free for android is a game that has a lot of different modes. There are many different ways to play the game, and each mode will have different challenges. The main modes of Egg Inc are as follows:

The first mode is the story mode. Players can choose between two characters and play through their own stories in this mode. Each character has their personality and relationships with each other. Players must complete all levels in the storyline mode to unlock all three characters.

The second mode is called “Egg Rescue.” In this mode, players must rescue eggs while avoiding obstacles. Again, there are two types of gameplay: one where players use their character and another where they control an egg that travels through a maze on its journey to safety.

The third mode is called “Egg blasting.” This allows players to create their levels by choosing what environment they want to create for their egg to live in, such as an ocean or desert environment. Players can also add special items for their eggs, such as trees or rocks, which can help them survive longer in these environments if they get stuck on an obstacle.

Main Goal of the Game

The main goal of this game is to rescue all of your eggs before Dr. Blunder’s monsters destroy them. You will have to fight against these monsters using your skills and strategies, which can be anything from jumping on top of them to shooting them with your laser gun or even flying over them with your jetpack!

Features of Egg Inc Mod APK

  1. The game has a simple and easy-to-use interface with the help of which you can play comfortably.
  2. There are many different types of characters in the game, so that you can choose any one for yourself according to your preferences and style.
  3. You will be able to enjoy playing this game by using your phone’s camera as well as other features such as GPS mapping, etc., which will make your experience much better than before.
  4. You can enjoy this game with friends and family members at any time because there is no restriction on any device or operating system (OS) involved in playing this game.

Mod Features of Egg Inc Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money:
  • This feature enables unlimited money in your game to purchase all the items and power-ups easily.
  • Unlimited Energy:
  • It is one of this app’s most essential features, allowing you to play without any fear of running out of energy while playing the game.
  • Unlocked Characters:
  • The characters in this game are unlocked for free, so you can use them without any charges or limitations.
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlock All Eggs, Levels, and More
  • No Ads
  • All Unlocked
  • Rooted Phone Required
  • Max Level Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins and Diamonds


Egg Inc Mod APK is a top-rated game among Android users. Millions of people have downloaded the game, which has attracted many people to download it from other websites. In this article, we will tell you about the modded version of Egg Inc. We have tested it on our mobile devices and found that the file size is not too big, so that it can be easily downloaded from any website.