Evil West APK

Evil West APK is an online multiplayer game you can play with your friends and other players worldwide. You can also play this game in single-player mode and earn money. Evil West Mod APK was developed by a developer named Lazy Viking Studios, based in Australia. The primary purpose of this game is to kill other players by killing them with a gun or some other weapon, but there are some other features, such as looting their body and selling it on the market or using it as bait to lure more people into your team.

There are many types of guns available in this game, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even rocket launchers which you can use to kill your enemies quickly without any problems. You can also use knives to kill enemies, but they will take longer than guns or other weapons because they require more time to kill someone successfully.

The players must fight these monsters while trying to survive their attacks. They can find weapons, armor, and other items to help them fight back against their enemies.


In the evil west game preview, you will play as Jack, who has been sent on a mission to Area 51, where he will have to fight against enemies using his gun and other weapons such as knives or explosives. You can also use special abilities like telekinesis or levitation to move around faster or avoid attacks from enemies.

Easy to Play

Left click anywhere on the screen to act like shooting or meleeing an enemy while right click will perform another action like reloading your weapon or using another ability. Of course, you can also use both mouse buttons simultaneously if you want, but it’s not necessary since there aren’t many actions that require it anyway.

Characters of Evil West APK

There are three different characters in evil west press kit.

Character 1

The main character is a man who has lost his memory and is trying to find out who he is. But unfortunately, he has no idea what happened to him and why he was abandoned in the desert.

Character 2

The second character is an older man who has some knowledge of the past but gives off a very mysterious aura. He helps the main character out of his predicament and helps him regain his memory.

Character 3 

The third character is a young blonde girl who seems to have no idea where she came from or who her parents are. She also seems to be able to speak with animals and plants, which makes her unique among all of the other characters in this game.

Character 4

The fourth character is a young boy with red hair who runs away from home when his mother tries to get him married off against his will. He ends up being adopted by a wealthy family who tries their best to teach him about life and proper manners before he returns home as an adult and reunites with his mother after many years apart.”

Modes of Game

Campaign Mode

This model has 20 missions you must complete to unlock the following levels. You will get more rewards as you advance in this mode. This game has been designed for players who love naval warfare games like Age of Origins Mod Apk or Dungeon Survival APK.

Free-Roam Mode

This is unlocked after completing the campaign mode for the first time, so you do not have to worry about unlocking it again if you want to play it again later. In this mode, you can roam worldwide and complete quests, giving you more rewards than in the campaign mode.

Challenge Mode

This is unlocked after completing all the levels in campaign mode, so don’t worry if you don’t complete it right away, as it will unlock automatically when you finish going through all of them!

Story Mode

You will be playing as a cowboy traveling through the Wild West, trying to find his way back home. The game has several locations, including towns, caves, and mines. You will encounter many enemies on your journey, and it is up to you to defeat them and complete your objective.

Arcade Mode

In this play mode, you can fight against various enemies to earn money for upgrades and unique items. You must also ensure that you stay healthy before completing your objective, or you will have to start over again!

Survival Mode

This game version requires players to complete objectives within an allotted time limit to earn points. There are no lives in this mode; players must rely on their skills to survive as long as possible!

Multiplayer Game

evil west requirements is an online multiplayer game that allows players to fight against each other in teams of four or five people. Players will need teamwork if they want to win the match because there are no AI-controlled characters in this game; everything happens automatically according to the script of the storyline.

Upgrade your Ability

You can also upgrade your character’s abilities by collecting coins from fallen enemies or completing quests given by other players. Each character has unique abilities that affect how well they perform in battle, so choose wisely when choosing who to play as!

Different Kinds of Enemies

The game will allow you to face enemies in various ways. You can also take advantage of the different kinds of enemies and use them in your battle. The game has several kinds of enemies. They include zombies, skeletons, demons, and more. Each one has its strength and weakness against other types of enemies.

Different Kinds of Weapons


This is the most common weapon in the game. It has a high rate of fire and can be fired rapidly. The handgun is not very powerful, but it can kill enemies quickly. If many enemies attack you, use this weapon to kill them quickly.


The shotgun is also called a “sawed-off shotgun.” Its rate of fire is speedy, and it can kill enemies quickly, although the damage it deals with is not as significant as that of a handgun or rifle. It is suitable for taking down small groups of zombies quickly and efficiently. You can also use this weapon to kill bosses when they appear unexpectedly (usually after defeating a certain number of zombies).


A rifle has excellent damage and accuracy, but it takes longer to reload than other weapons. Because it takes longer to reload than other weapons, you should only use this weapon if there are no more bullets left in your inventory or if you run out of ammo for your current weapon. In addition, the rifle has limited ammo, so you should be careful when using it because an enemy might shoot back at you!


Graphics of Evil West APK

The graphics of flying wild hog evil west are excellent, and you will love to play this game. The graphics of this game are very realistic, and you will love playing this game. You can also see the graphics of this game from different angles and directions, so it will be more enjoyable for you to play the game.

Sound Effects of Evil West

The sound effects of evil west art book are also good, and if you have a good ear, then you can hear all the sounds clearly in your ear without any difficulty. But if you have poor ears, it may be hard for you to hear some sounds, but still, it is not that bad because there are many other sounds that you can hear easily, like footsteps, gunshots, and other noises, which make the story more exciting.