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eXtra Apk App is a feature of extra Saudi, a digital service for Saudia customers. The App enhances the customer experience and enables them to use their smartphones to make their travel more seamless, effortless and comfortable.
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Sep 15, 2022
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eXtra Apk App is a feature of extra Saudi, a digital service for Saudia customers. The App enhances the customer experience and enables them to use their smartphones to make their travel more seamless, effortless and comfortable. With XtraSaudia App, the customer can manage their travel schedule, book flights, check in and more, in just a few clicks. eXtra APK is the best free App that helps you know the balance and validity of your saudia card easily. You can also make a payment through this App to any participating outlets in Saudi Arabia.

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eXtra Apk

Description Of eXtra Apk

eXtra Apk is the official application developed by Al-Hudood Investment & Real Estate Development Company; it enables customers to keep track of their credit card transactions, other balance and more.

Features Of eXtra

  1.  View transactions (Saudia flights, hotel bookings and more)
  2.  Check your Extra Balance
  3.  Pay from your Credit Card
  4.  Download vouchers from the eXtra App
  5.  Get information on sales activities of Al-Hudood Investment & Real Estate Development Company
  6.  Get information about new products that are currently available
  7.  Get information about all participating outlets (partners) in Saudi Arabia
  8.  The application supports the English language only
  9.  The application is available for Android mobile phones
  10.  Payments can be made at any of our participating outlets located in Saudi Arabia (payment is made by using your CREDIT CARD)
  11.  Participating Outlets include-Ghurair – All branches-Shammri – All branches-Falah Mall – Al-Kh

Mor Features

  •  Book flights on the go (Check-in)
  •  Manage your reservations.
  •  Manage your profile (Flight information and Booking history)
  •  View flight schedules.
  •  Check-in for flights.
  •  Contact extra Saudi Customer Service through self-help and social media channels such as (FB, Twitter)
  •  Get the latest news about Saudia products and services.
  •  And much more.

Installing Of eXtra Mod Apk

Install eXtra Apk for free on an android phone:

  1.  Download any apps from the google play store with a GPS locator feature. Then, turn on the GPS location service and start the App.
  2.  Open the App and click the “Show Menu” button to show a menu of available sites with the strongest signals.
  3.  Pick one site and go to it.
  4.  Wait until you see a message saying “loading…”. When you see that message, tap your android phone screen near the bottom right (you should see a cross with a circle around it). Do this every 10-15 seconds until you see “installation successful.”
  5.  Go to Settings -> Location Access -> Turn off GPS location service. This will prevent apps from using your device’s GPS sensor to locate you. Keep that setting turned off at all times while using eXtra APK.
  6.  Enjoy free internet access.

eXtra Apk

Who can install eXtra?

eXtra 2 is just like eXtra 1. It is a service-based addon. This means if you have any subscription to eXtra 1, you can use it on eXtra two without any extra fee, or if you don’t have any subscription to eXtra 1, still you can use it by paying 6 Riyals as a monthly subscription fee. So here are the various subscriptions plans available for eXtra 2.

  1.  Monthly Subscription – 6 Riyals/Month
  2.  Yearly Subscription – 90 Riyals/Year
  3.  Airtime top-up required for Yearly Subscription – 1500 Riyals/Year (you will get 600 Minutes, 600 SMS and 600 MB Data)


eXtra Apk is the top-tier data plan from Saudia. It is a pay-as-you-go plan that gives you more flexibility in minutes, SMS and data.


Q: How to uninstall eXtra from my device?

A: Go to your settings, and then security, device administration and at the bottom, the App will be listed. Click on it, and then you can uninstall it.

Q: How to upgrade for premium?

A: It’s very simple; go to Google Play and download eXtra Apk. After that, click on the first App, and a window will open where you have to click on “Upgrade.” It’s really simple; make sure you have enough space in your device.

Q: Why I can’t open this App?

A: That’s because google blocked this App in your country, but if you want to use the App, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you don’t know what it is, search for a VPN on google play.

Q: Does the eXtra application work on android?

A: Yes. It is a web-based mobile service.
Travelers can use their mobile phones to access the internet and check in for their flight.

Q: What do I need to use the eXtra Apk?

A: You need an android device, GPRS or WIFI connectivity and an account with eXtraSaudia.

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