Files Manager Mod Apk مدير الملفات

مدير الملفات Files Manager Mod Apk can be found in the personal area of your phone. You can also search for it in the Google Play Store. It is an app that can help you manage files or documents on your phone. This app will help you organize files and folders on your device, just like how you do it on Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.
This app is easy to use and has all the essential functions for managing files and documents. It has been around for years but still does its job well. The most important thing you can do is to keep your files organized. You can do this by creating folders and subfolders or by using tags.

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Introduction of Files Manager Mod Apk

Files Manager Mod Apk allows you to manage your site through HTTP rather than an FTP tool or third-party application. To use the File Manager, click the File Manager icon in the Files section of the cPanel home screen. It can access the contents of the SD card, create shortcuts to applications, and bookmarks to web pages. It also manages the folders you have stored on your device with an interface similar to Windows Explorer. The file manager allows you to manage your SD card and folders saved in your Android’s memory.

Features of Files Manager Mod Apk

مدير الملفات Files Manager Mod Apk – is an all-in-one application that provides you with a wide range of functions: file manager, application manager, task manager, cloud storage client, and much more.

  1. Full access to the file system and external SD card
  2. Multiple tabs support (enable it in settings)
  3. Batch rename/delete (enable it in settings)
  4. Create new files and folders
  5. Bookmarks support
  6. Advanced search (by name, date, size) and search in text files content
  7. You can create a folder
  8. Delete files or folders
  9. Rename files and folders
  10. View files with ease
  11. Search for files or folders
  12. Cut, copy and paste files and folders into other folders.

How to download and install Files Manager Mod Apk?

مدير الملفات Files Manager Mod Apk is a kind of Business app for Android; 9Apps official website provides download and walkthrough for مدير الملفات File Manager; play free مدير الملفات File Manager online.

  1. Click the download button to download مدير الملفات File Manager.
  2. Once the download is completed, find مدير الملفات File Manager in your download folder or notification center and tap the icon to install the APK.
  3. Find the مدير الملفات File Manager icon on your home screen, and then tap the icon to open it and enjoy the beautiful features of this app.

Conclusion of Files Manager Mod Apk

Files Manager Mod Apk (File Transfer) is the most powerful File Manager in Android Market. It’s free, fast, and full-featured. Moreover, because of its simple UI, it’s straightforward to use. The following categories are displayed on the main screen: All Files, Images, Videos, Music, and Applications. You can view or play files from File Manager (File Transfer). In addition, you can manage your files, whether stored in your device’s memory or SD card. File Manager (File Transfer) supports multiple languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, German, and Arabic.


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