Horizon Chase Mod Apk

Horizon Chase Mod Apk 2023 is a racing game for old-style gamers. This addictive game is enjoyable and uses cars of the 80s and90s. This game is amazing by the use of unlimited speed as the game permits free high-speed one can. This game has multiple world awards, including a gold award. The racing game Horizon Chase is a fun, challenging, and old-style game that provides 32 cities to drift and play. This feature increases the speed of the car notably.

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Introduction of Horizon Chase Mod Apk

This classic unlimited-speed classic game is popular worldwide because it mostly focuses on speed instead of physical appearance. The player’splayer’s task is to save the car from collisions to move forward from other opponents by winning the game and then upgrading his car. Also, players must collect fuel and tokens of different colours, such as yellow and blue, during races on tracks, as these tokens are to be used in the next levels. Like other racing games, the controls of this game are very simple and attractive.

Horizon Chase Mod Apk Description

Horizon Chase Mod Apk is just for you if you love to play racing games, off-road, high-speed, and supercars. This unique game is offered by a famous company named Aquiris Game Studio S.A as racing games are the most popular type of game worldwide. Horizon Chase Mod Apk is just for you if you love to play racing games; off-road, high speed and supercars are brought to market, providing many captivating experiences to its players. The game has two buttons, a left button and a right button, to move with a turbo button and an accelerator button. This game also has a brake button for breaking off around the sharp edges inside the racing track.

On the left side of the screen is a map for players to know about the track and position of their car. In the Horizon Chase game, players can upgrade their car parts to win the game and also be able to get more supercars of good quality with high speed. By using these supercars, a player can easily win the game. In addition, the Horizon Chase game system provides a lot of colours and models for these racing cars. In short, players enjoy the most use of these supercars ever. The player’splayer’s task is to use the fuel tank at an accurate time to knock over his opponent’sopponent’s car.

Features of Horizon Chase Mod Apk

  1. 4k resolution graphics
  2. 16-bit graphic generation
  3. Unlimited speed
  4. Exiting with the music
  5. Racing in every condition like snow, rain and volcanic areas, etc.
  6. Players can unlock 16 different cars
  7. Includes 48 cities to move around and 111 tracks
  8. This game has seven different controls. You can select the control with the choice
  9. Upgradation of cars is available in this game.
  10. You can play from anywhere around the world
  11. This game also offers cartoon graphics, especially for children
  12. Multiplayer game up to 4
  13. Old style amazing game

Horizon Chase Mod Apk Tips To Play

  1. Go Slow In The Turns. …
  2. Fuel Is Of The Essence. …
  3. Win Bonus Rounds For More Upgrades. …
  4. You Don’tDon’t Have To Win All The Time.

How to download it?

  • Click the Download button above.
  • Wait for the timer to run out, then click on Disable adblocker on this tab (if you have an ad blocker installed).
  • Press F5 or refresh to reload the page and start the download.
  • When the download is finished, click the Open folder to open it and finish the setup.
  • Play and enjoy!


All the players can experience the dramatic tracks in the Horizon Chase game. This game uses the most awesome music during racing. This game has many modes to play and is compatible with all models. This game offers the player to make friends all around the world by use of multiplayer mode. The Horizon Chase game is good for children as the game also has cartoony graphics. Horizon Chase Mod Apk allows its players to collect energy as fuel for car speed for a limited time.


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