ipad view gfx tool for pubg

I am introducing a new iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk that will help you change the FOV on your iPad to a high one. This tool is called GFX Tool, which is made by modifying the settings file of the PUBG game. It will help you change the camera settings such as; FOV, FoV, Aspect Ratio, Resolution, and many more. If you are a PUBG Mobile player, you may notice that the game’s graphics could be better.

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However, there is a way to change the GFX settings for your iPad for a better gaming experience. But if you don’t know how to set your phone screen resolution or screen size, follow these simple steps:

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Set resolution > 1080p HD.

If you want to make the game more convenient on your iPad, you can add an extra button to run faster and walk slower.

New Update

With the new update coming out on PUBG, some new graphics options were added to the game. I wanted to create a custom view and make it available to everyone. I used the template someone had already made for this tool and updated it with the new graphics settings released for PUBG mobile. You can also change your FPS cap as well as your aspect ratio.

Features of iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk

There are some features of the iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk that we want to share with you. The following features have been added and optimized in the update:

  • PUBG iPad view support.
  • Support for the latest PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 version on PC.
  • Add a function of saving screenshots directly to the camera roll instead of saving them in the program folder at will.
  • Reduced file size by 50% after the compression process with no loss of quality is good news for players who care about every MB on their device’s storage space.
  • A lot of presets from “Mobile Legends”, “Knives Out”, “Rules of Survival”, and other games;
  • Mode for seeing the skin in the game, which you are editing;
  • All the necessary tools for practical work.

How to use iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk

Learn how to use the iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk. We will help you change your resolution and other features of the game. The iPad view is the default option when you start a new game in the latest version of PUBG Mobile. Although this is not a problem for most people, it cannot be charming. Therefore, I want to share with you how to change the default setting on the iPad view, GFX Tool.

Go to Devices > Info > Profiles > select Configurator on the right side. After that, click on “Device information” in the lower-left corner and select “iPad view” in Settings on the left side.

After all these steps, you will successfully change your iPad view from GFX Tool.

Conclusion of iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk

As we have seen, the iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG Mod Apk is a fantastic software that can help you create your graphics and share them with friends. The iPad view GFX Tool for PUBG is excellent for making many things in the game. It can not only do some special effects, but also it can change some of the UI elements. It’s elementary to use, and it has a pretty low price. If you are interested in this app, look at the online reviews because they will help you make up your mind.

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