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iSagha "آى صاغة" هو التطبيق الأول لأسعار الذهب فى مصر من مصدرها الأول فى الصاغة ويقدم سعر الدولار نقلا عن البنك المركزي لحظة بلحظة للمستخدمين. التطبيق يقدم الخدمة للطرفين (البائع والمشترى).
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Aug 14, 2022
يتباين بحسب الجهاز
يتباين بحسب الجهاز
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Introduction of iSagha Mod Apk:

iSagha Mod Apk is financial management software that helps you efficiently manage your finance. The application is designed for people who want to keep track of their real-time income and outgoings.

iSagha Mod Apk provides you with different options to manage your finances. You can use the basic features like Income, Expenses, Debt, and Capital with detailed graphs and analysis. The other features include VAT, Loans & Loans Repayments, Tax Credits, etc.

iSagha Mod Apk

It is an app for income tax management. The app consists of a desktop application and a mobile application. It provides easy access to your income tax returns and salary reports. It gives you the ability to carry out online transactions anywhere, anytime. It is a secure platform where you can manage all your income tax-related tasks.
This mod apk provides you with all the required information, including details of your income, expenses, and other data relevant to Income Tax Assessments.

It also provides you with a graphical report that gives you points. The visual information is prepared using the latest tax laws. It gives you a clear idea of your taxes in different categories like Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, Income Tax (Appeals), TDS (Transaction Deposits), and much more. Tax Calculator calculates the amount of taxes you pay based on your specific tax slab.

You can also carry out calculations on Self-Assessment or by reference from your current year’s return. Auto-fill once you have created an account, it automatically fills up all the required details for completing new returns or submitting old returns for processing on the portal.

Features of iSagha Mod Apk:

iSagha Mod Apk is a social networking site for finance and investment. It provides financial news, market insights, and valuable information to help investors. In addition, the site is an aggregator of economic data from various sources.

  • Quickly transfer money between accounts using the QR code scanner on the home screen.
  • Pay a bill by text, email, bank transfer, or prepaid card.
  • Pay a bill by sending an SMS to an existing mobile number associated with that bill if it is a contact in your
  • phonebook.
  • Send encrypted email to money via bank transfer for credit cards and PayPal accounts.
  • Send encrypted emails to send money to friends and family who do not use PayPal, as well as friends and family who
  • do use PayPal.
  • View all your bills in one place, track payments, and automate reminders via SMS, email, or push notification.
  • Set up recurring payments for utility bills, loans, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Manage gift card balances online with in-app purchase

iSagha Mod Apk

How to download and install iSagha Mod Apk?

If you want to download iSagha Mod Apk for free, then follow the following instructions.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for “iSagha Mod Apk” – it’s the only app of its type in the store.

Step 2: When you find it, click the icon that looks like a tablet.

Step 3: On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a link that says “Open.” Flip it over, and you’ll see a QR code that looks like this:

Step 4: Motion your phone camera at this image and hold it still for about 20 seconds. The app will automatically scan. If you don’t have a QR reader on your phone, you can also take a picture of the code with your phone’s camera. When you get done scanning, tap on “OK” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to verify that you downloaded the app successfully.

Step 5: enjoy

iSagha Mod Apk


iSagha apk is an excellent mobile banking application that allows you to manage your finances and do all the necessary transactions at your fingertips. This is the best option for those who don’t like the traditional banking system. This mod contains all the features that any other banking app provides, but it also comes with some added benefits.

First of all, it’s available for free, which also means no hidden fees, no overdraft charges, and no hidden costs. iSagha also offers some great tools, such as a budget planner, real-time alerts on your accounts, and so on. So apart from being secure and accessible, it’s also beneficial.


Q: How does iSagha Mod Apk works?

A: This MOD APK works by investing in quality stocks that have very high growth potential. It follows an investment policy that ensures maximum return from the investments made. It makes use of scientific methods and mathematical formulas to invest your money. These methods have been developed over several years of research and development to ensure maximum returns from the investments made.

Q: Is it free and safe?

A: Yes, this is hundred per cent safe and free.


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