Mashaal Radio Mod Apk

Mashaal Radio Mod Apk is where you can find all sorts of information, news, and entertainment excitingly and clearly. Moreover, you can listen to our radio 24/7 from anywhere worldwide. Mashaal Radio provides you with the latest news from Afghanistan, Asia, the Middle East, and International News.

We also talk about politics, the economy, and sports; we allow you to listen to your favorite music through our online radio station. If that’s not enough for you, we offer many more things, such as a magazine section where you can find everything that interests you and is related to your culture and traditions.

The purpose of Mashaal Radio is to provide an opportunity to stay in touch with your country and listen to its music and news without difficulty. It is also an opportunity for people like you who live far away from their beloved country or cannot visit it now and then for some reason or another.

Our website has been designed keeping in mind all these factors to have an enriching experience while browsing through it. So you’ll be able to find anything that is interesting for you.

Features of Mashaal Radio Mod Apk

Mashaal Radio Mod Apk is a feature-rich third-party application for Android users who want to listen live to Mashaal Radio Mod Apk. You can listen to the news, read magazines, hear the latest music, and more.

You can download any song or news itself. You don’t have to go to another website or convert it using any app.

  • You can read the news in English and Urdu languages.
  • You can listen to any number of live streams from Mashaal Radio.
  • There are five different news channels on the app. (News, Sports, Finance, Culture, and Health)
  • You can change the speed of the news or any other track.
  • You can set a timer to switch off any channel you don’t want to listen to it at that time.
  • You can mute any way you don’t want to hear then.
  • You can add any Urdu or English news to your favorites list to quickly access it whenever you want.
  • You can share the information with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Email.
  • You can save information on your storage so you can read it later without an internet connection.
  • You get a notification when there is a new update for the app.
  • The design of the app is straightforward and attractive.

How to download and install Mashaal Radio Mod Apk?

Many radio apps are available, but Mashaal Radio Mod Apk differs from others. It’s a great App with news and magazine features for android users. People can download it free from the play store with just one click. You’ll find many app reviews on the internet, and you must read all of them to know how excellent this app is. Because of its popularity, many people want to get news and other stuff through this app, but they need to install it on their smartphones.

To install Mashaal Radio, you need to follow some simple steps, which are given below:

Step 1: Download Mashaal Radio App from the play store

Step 2: Install Mashaal Radio App on your smartphone

Step 3: Open it and enjoy the news and other stuff and enjoy.


The best radio stations in the world are found on the web. This radio station has earned its place as one of the top stations on the internet for listeners worldwide. The radio is ideal for listeners who enjoy listening to music and talk shows 24 hours a day. The great thing about this station is that it broadcasts worldwide, and it can be attended to with ease by anyone who wants to listen to the content they have. There is no need to worry about accessing this content.

The best thing about this station is that it broadcasts music, news, talk shows, and many more programs. This makes it easy for people to find something they like, so they can always get entertained. Some programs on Mashaal Radio Mod Apk include Mashaal News, Mashaal Mix, Mashaal Concerts, and many more. If you want to find out what these programs feature, you can check their website anytime.


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