Offline Novels Mod Apk

Offline Novels Mod Apk is a free app for reading offline novels and stories. It has more than 500 novels in various languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Marathi. Now read your favorite books or write your novels using this app. You can read stories without the internet.

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The app includes more than 100 stories and novels, which can be downloaded for offline reading. These are useful for children who have just started reading, to improve their reading skills.روايات بدون نت هي الروايات التشابهة مع روايات موجودة على النت ولكنها مبرمجة بطريقة أفضل والتحديثات يتم انتهاءها في اقرب وقت

Description of Offline Novels Mod Apk

Offline Novels Mod Apk is a collection of novels written by famous writers; you can enjoy many stories such as Legend of Condor Heroes, Journey to the West, A Dream in Red Mansions, Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Scholars, and so on. The offline novel is a free offline app for reading novels on your phone. You can also choose to view the novel in day or night mode.

Offline novels have an extensive collection of books you can read online or download for free. The offline novels app is the best choice for you to enjoy reading novels and stories anywhere and anytime on your phone. You also can share your favorite books with your friends via social networks. Reading novels with Offline novels makes you feel like you are reading real books in real life.

During the day, because of a lot of work, it is impossible to read a physical book. At night, it is not convenient to turn on the light and read. The mobile phone has always been at hand, but the light of the mobile phone is too small and too close to read. The use of this app can solve this problem. This app will allow you to download and store several novels on your smartphone. Once downloaded, these novels can be read anytime, even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Features of Offline Novels Mod Apk

  • Many categories(Action, Adventure, Comedy, Detective & Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror & Supernatural, Humor/Satire, Literary Fiction, and Romance).
  • You can quickly discover new books with a powerful search option.
  • Whenever you want to start reading a book, click on it and enjoy.
  • This app has All the books arranged in their respective categories.
  • Excellent User Experience (UX).
  • Small size (less than 5 MB)
  • More than 100 stories and novels available for offline reading
  • No need for the internet to read these novels
  • A collection of over 100 famous novels without the need for an internet connection
  • Possibility to search for books
  • Ability to change font size and color
  • Add books to favorites.
  • Has a beautiful and simple design

Mode Features of Offline Novels Mod Apk روايات بدون نت

  • Lightweight and free;
  • No need for an Internet connection;
  • Real-time font size adjustment;
  • The text-reading experience is excellent;
  • Can set the font size, font color, and other functions;
  • No registration or login is required.
  • Support for multiple reading modes;
  • Support for multiple fonts;
  • Support for horizontal and vertical screen switching;
  • Online read or offline download books;
  • Bookmark function to facilitate browsing records;
  • The background can be set free;
  • The content covers all aspects of life, including novels, poems, essays, history and philosophy, military books, science fiction, and other categories are available.

How to Download?

  • Offline novels is a free android app that allows you to download offline novels, books, and stories in different genres.
  • Free download and read books offline on your Android phone.
  • Download the best free Books & Reference app for your Android device.
  • Offline reading -Novels Book Reader lets you read your favorite books, stories, and other written works offline.
  • Offline collection – All books you select to read will be saved in your offline collection and can be accessed without an internet connection.


Reading is the best way to gain knowledge and develop their minds. We want to inspire people worldwide to read more and become a part of the reading community. Offline Novels Mod Apk is an excellent novel reader; it has many features like other popular novel-reading software.

But it is more simple and more convenient than other software. The offline novel is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Books & Reference and has been developed by Radhika Apps. It’s recommended for book lovers and readers.


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