Pokemon Glazed Mod APK

Pokemon Glazed Mod APK is a modified version of the official game of Pokemon. In this modded version, you can get unlimited MoneyMoney, and all items are accessible. This game is available for Android devices only. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then don’t worry about it because there are many other games for your mobile devices.

This is a top-rated game among the fans of Pokemon Go and those who have been playing this game for years. This game was developed by Niantic Labs, a subsidiary of Google Inc., so it is quite popular among them and in other parts of the world.


It has been noted that this game looks very similar to Pokemon Go, and there are some similarities between the two games, such as their stats and, more importantly, their appearance. The only difference between these two games is that this one does not require GPS tracking, location services, or data plan charges.

Pokemon Glazed is a unique game that combines Pokemon and glazed doughnuts. In this game, you can play with your friends and family members. You can catch the Pokemon using your Poke Ball, which is a fantastic feature in this game. You can also use potions to enhance your abilities and make catching the Pokemon easier.


The gameplay of Pokemon Glazed Mod APK is based on the real-time action strategy game. The players will have to take control of their Pokemon and fight against other Pokemon to become stronger. The players can also choose what type of Pokemon they want to use in battle by choosing from various options such as fire, water, grass, or electric. There are also many different types of battles that you can participate in, such as gym battles, raid battles, and more. You will also be able to collect items like poke balls, potions, and berries as you progress through your adventure in this new version of Pokemon Glazed Mod APK.

Modes of Game

In the game, you can choose the mode you want to play.

  1. The first mode is the story mode. In this mode, players must follow the storyline and complete all the missions to win the game. Players will also have to train their Pokemon during this time.
  2. The second mode is called battle mode. This is where players can fight against other players or against computer-controlled characters to become stronger and stronger as they play through the game’s stories.
  3. The third mode is the trading mode, which allows players to trade their items with other players online or through a local wireless connection (depending on your device).


500 Levels

The first feature of this game is that it has 500 levels you can play and enjoy. You can also explore places like forests, mountains, caves, etc. In each level, there are different types of monsters that you have to defeat to get the rewards from them. These monsters are mighty, and they might even kill you if you do not know how to use your weapons properly against them.

Ranking System

Another feature of this game is that it has a ranking system where you can compare yourself with other players who are also playing this game on their phones or tablets. This ranking system gives you an idea about how good or bad your skill level is so that you can improve yourself further to get better rewards from these monsters.

Better Graphics and Sound System

The graphics of this game are great; you can see that the developers have done a lot of work on this game and have done an excellent job. The sounds are also perfect, and it makes sense that they have chosen to use these sounds because they fit perfectly with the game.

Different Types of Battles

In this new version of the game, there are three different types of battles: Single Battle, Double Battle, and Triple Battle. In single battles, you can only face one opponent at a time. In double battles, you can face two opponents at once, but it’s recommended that you refrain from using this option if you’re playing against someone good at battling as well! For triple battles, you’ll have to face three opponents at once!

Create their Characters

One great feature of this modded version is that it allows players to create their characters and customize them however they want, using various items worldwide. Once you have created your character, you can use them in the battle against other players online or against robots in single-player mode!

Create your Team

You can set up your team of Pokemon by choosing which ones you want and naming them. You can also train them using different methods, such as berries or Pokeballs in the wild.

Different Types of Potions

There are three types of potions: red potion, blue potion, and green potion. Each potion has its ability and special effects on the user’s body. You can use these potions to enhance your skills in different areas, such as defense, offense, and speed.

Play Offline

Another feature of this game is its ability to be played offline without needing an internet connection at all times. The great thing about this feature is that it allows players to play without any distractions, such as interruptions from phone calls or messages from friends and family members who want your attention while playing games online!

Online and Tournament Mode

There are also online tournaments where you can compete against other people worldwide. The gameplay will be similar to Pokemon GO but with some added features, such as the ability to battle in real time and collect items while you’re out on your journey.


Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Unlimited MoneyMoney allows you to buy all the items you want without restrictions. You can also use this feature to unlock all the characters, items, and other game features.

Unlocked Features

You can enjoy unlimited resources and unlocked features in the Pokemon Glazed Mod APK download free for android. The game will provide an unlimited amount of money for any purchase so that you can get everything in the game at a low price.

Premium Currency

This mod version comes with a premium currency used for unlocking new levels and characters and other in-game items and features like unlimited Energy or other lives when playing the game through this mod version.

Unlimited Coins

As you know, Pokemon Go is a game with lots of coins, and you need to collect them to get new characters, items, and other things. But if you have unlimited coins, this game will become more attractive. So download this modded version of Pokemon Go for free and enjoy the game with unlimited coins.

How to Get?

  1. First of all, you download the file. To do so, click on the download APK below.
  2. You will be redirected to the download page, where you can download the file from your device.
  3. Once downloaded, go to your Settings > Security and Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ for downloading apps from Unknown Sources (Android: Settings > Privacy).


Pokemon Glazed is an exciting game that anyone can play. The game is based on the iconic Pokemon series, where you have to play as a Pokemon and battle other Pokemon. You will also be able to capture new Pokemon and evolve them into more potent forms. The graphics of this game are simple, but they are still good enough for playing it. It also offers various challenges which will help you in increasing your skills. If you want to play this game, then you can download it from our website.