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Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island! To do this you need to find crafting resources from falling meteors. Of course other players will want to hijack your rocket, so defend it! Collect wood and Build a Fort to defend your positions. The unique battle royale game reveals a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! 100% destructible environment, every building can be destroyed or dismantled! Rocket Rocket Royale has no parachutes or shrinking dead zones, but you can use portals to navigate your way around the island instead.
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Apr 9, 2022
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Download Rocket Royale MOD APK v2.3.5 (Mod Menu + OBB, Unlimited Money, Health, VIP Pass) Latest updated version 2022 free in one click. Rocket Royale MOD APK is a game that combines the fun of playing soccer with some sci-fi elements, like being able to use jetpacks to fly around the field.

Rocket Royale Mod APK – Part of an epic international rivalry

The premise is simple: you and your team must shoot the ball into the other team’s goal while preventing them from doing the same to you. But what makes this game really stand out is its wide range of customization options: you can choose which country’s team you want to play as, how many players are on each team, what their names are, what color uniforms they wear, etc. This level of personalization makes it feel like you’re part of an epic international rivalry.

Rocket Royale MOD APK

Gameplay of Rocket Royale Mod APK

Rocket Royale Mod APK is one of the most popular multiplayer games out there and it’s easy to see why. All you have to do is collect different kinds of weapons while avoiding being hit by other players and you’ve got yourself a great time! The best part about this game is that it’s free so everyone can play. There are no in-app purchases either so this game is completely fair for everyone involved.

If you want to check out this awesome new game then head over to the details below; where we have all the information about how to download it as well as some gameplay videos so you can see what it’s like first hand before deciding if it’s something that interests you or not. I guarantee that if you give this game a try then you won’t be disappointed.

In Rocket Royale Mod APK, you control a spaceship that shoots at other spaceships while avoiding being hit yourself. You can play against computer-controlled opponents or against other people online. There are different modes depending on how competitive you want to be; for example, there’s one where everyone starts with the same amount of points so it’s not about who’s better at playing but rather who can outsmart their opponent by using different strategies.

The basic idea behind Rocket Royale Mod APK

The basic idea behind this game is that you’re flying around in an airplane or helicopter trying to shoot down other players while also protecting yourself from being shot down yourself. The person with the highest score at the end wins! And did we mention that it’s free? Yes, this amazing game doesn’t cost anything—it’s totally free.

If you want to be competitive at this game then you need to make sure that you have all of the latest upgrades available. These will help boost your stats so that you can win more often than not.

Features of Rocket Royale Mod APK

This game is unlike anything you’ve played before. It combines elements of FPS games with classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Pong. It’s really fun, but also really challenging. This game has been designed for players who love Action games like Fortnite Mod APK or Cyberpunk 2077 Mod APK.

This version is so great because it adds some awesome new features that you’re going to love. First off, we’ve added a modding feature so that you can customize your ship however you want! You can change colors, add decals, or even replace parts entirely with new ones if you find them in-game.

Secondly, we’ve improved the matchmaking system so that you’re always playing against people around your skill level. No more getting crushed by someone who has been playing for months when all you want is a fair fight! And last but not least, we’ve fixed some bugs that were causing crashes during gameplay so that your experience will be smooth and enjoyable every time.

Rocket Royale MOD APK

  1. Rocket Royale Mod APK is all about strategy and skill.
  2. You have to carefully maneuver your rocket around the arena while shooting at other players’ rockets. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s not at all like any other game out there right now.
  3. Rocket Royale MOD APK has been downloaded millions of times, and it’s easy to see why.
  4. This game is action-packed and fun for all ages.
  5. Rocket Royale MOD APK game is an exciting new mobile game that’s all about space battles.
  6. It’s easy to play but hard to master, so it’s great for people of all ages.
  7. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is exciting.
  8. Plus, there are tons of different ships to choose from.
  9. Unique Rocket Battle Royale gameplay.
  10. Everything is destructible! Real Sandbox mode.
  11. Craft Defenses, Forts, Towers, Sky Bridges, anything possible
  12. Real-time fast-paced 25-Players online matches
  13. Play with your friends online, connect to your friend game via friend list.
  14. Highest FPS (frames-per-second) you can get
  15. Tons of items and weapons to loot
  16. Large open world battlefield.

Pros and Cons

First off, let’s talk about what Rocket Royale is all about. It’s a multiplayer battle royale style game where you’re placed on an island with other players and have to fight your way to being the last person standing. The game itself has great graphics and an easy-to-use interface that makes it fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

Rocket Royale MOD APK


  1. This game is great because it’s so easy to pick up and play whenever you have a few minutes free.
  2. It doesn’t require any complex instructions or tutorials; just jump in and start shooting.
  3. It’s fun whether you’re playing against AI bots or other real players online.
  4. It’s free! You don’t have to spend any money on this game because it’s available for download at no cost.
  5. It’s easy to understand. The rules are simple and easy to follow so even beginners can enjoy playing it.
  6. There are no ads! This game doesn’t have any advertisements intruding on your gameplay experience like other mobile games do; all you see when you open the app are the options menu and the actual game itself.

7) Fun

Rocket Royale Mod APK is super fun and addicting; once you start playing, it’s hard to stop.

8) Easy

Rocket Royale Mod APK doesn’t take long to learn how to play, so even if you’re new to gaming, this would be a great place to start.

9) Variety

There are lots of different characters to choose from so no matter what type of personality you have, there will be someone for you.

10) Competition

There are always other people playing at the same time as you so it makes for some great competition.


  1. It gets repetitive quickly. After a while, playing this game starts to feel like a chore because there aren’t enough variations in gameplay or objectives; everything is basically just shooting other players with rockets until one team wins.
  2. There are limited characters available at first but then you have to purchase them using real money if you want more variety than what’s offered initially. The amount of money required to buy these additional characters is pretty steep so not everyone will be able to afford them easily or at all.
  3. This means that some people will end up being excluded from certain aspects of the game because they don’t have enough cash on hand or don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something as trivial as this entertainment product when there are other things that are more important in their lives right now (e.g., paying bills, saving up for something bigger/more important like a car or house etc.).
  4. One major issue is that it can be difficult to find an active match at times since there aren’t many players online at the same time. Another problem is that there isn’t much variety when it comes to maps or modes—it would be nice if there were more options.
  5. Finally, the biggest flaw with this game is that it requires an internet connection to play; if your Wi-Fi goes out or your device loses connectivity then you won’t be able to play until it comes back.

Rocket Royale MOD APK

6) Time consuming

Rocket Royale Mod APK can eat up a lot of your free time because it’s so much fun; make sure you set limits on how much time you spend playing so you don’t end up neglecting other important things in your life like family or work!

7) In-app purchases

Some items in Rocket Royale Mod APK can only be obtained through making in-app purchases which can get expensive if you’re not careful with how much money you spend; make sure you read all the fine print before agreeing to any deals!

Overall, I would recommend Rocket Royale MOD APK if you’re looking for a fun multiplayer shooter that doesn’t require too much attention but still provides plenty of entertainment. The gameplay of this game is same as Hirilun APK.

Installing Instructions

For Android users

  1. Download the APK file on mobile.
  2. Install and run it.
  3. That’s it, enjoy!

For desktop/laptop users

  1. Download the APK file on Pc.
  2. Transfer the Apk file) from PC to your Android Phone (Via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
  3. Install and run it.
  4. That’s it, Enjoy!

Concluding Remarks

Rocket Royale MOD APK game is a fun mobile game that allows you to play with friends or strangers from around the world. The main goal of this game is to get as many points as possible by shooting at other players while protecting your own base. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from here for free. There are no in-app purchases required to enjoy all of the features of this game.

Rocket Royale MOD APK

FAQs of Rocket Royale Mod APK

Q. What is Rocket Royale Mod APK?

A. Rocket Royale Mod APK is a multiplayer arcade game that combines elements of air hockey and soccer. You can play against your friends or other players from around the world in real time!

Q. How do I get started?

A. The first thing you’ll need to do is download the game from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store (links below). Then, enter your name and email address to get started!

Q. What are some tips for playing well?

A. The key to victory is keeping possession of the ball while maneuvering around your opponent’s defenses. Pay attention to where other players are on the field so that you can pass or shoot accordingly! If you find yourself getting scored on frequently, consider changing up your strategy by moving around more often instead of staying in one place like a goal keeper would in soccer.

Q. What does the MOD APK do?

A. The MOD APK makes the game easier by making your weapons more powerful. It also gives you more coins so that you can buy more ships faster than normal.

Q. What platforms is this available on?

A. This game is available on both iOS and Android devices. Just make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements before downloading it.

Q: How do I play?

A: All you need to do is download the app from either the App Store or Google Play, then create an account using your email address or Facebook login information. After that, you’re ready to start playing.

Q: What’s the point of this game?

A: The point of this game is to have fun with your friends or make new ones from around the world! It doesn’t matter if you’re good at shooters or not because everyone starts off on equal footing here. Just have fun!

Q: Is this game available in my language?

A: Yes! This game supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish.

What's new

- New Easter event.
- Creative mode: added creative jetpack.



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