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SAPTCO Mod Apk is a transit agency of the Saudi Ministry of Transportation in charge of operating public transportation services across the Kingdom, including buses, light rail, and tramways. Saptco Apk has recently launched its mobile application for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users. The app lets users plan their trips using data such as bus routes, departure times, arrival times, and other features, plus it provides information about bus stops and bus stops.

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The mobile application SAPTCO Mod Apk allows users to find their nearest bus stop by inputting the address or coordinates of their location. In addition, with pre-installed maps for all regions in Saudi Arabia and information about all SAPTCO services, the application can provide accurate directions from one point to another. SAPTCO Mod Apk also includes information about the nearest bathrooms, parking areas, and tourist sites throughout the Kingdom.

With SAPTCO Mod Apk, you can

● Check your flight status anytime, anywhere.

● Make changes to your booking whenever you want.

● Book flights on the go using our mobile app or website.

● Save your favorites and manage your bookings in one place.

● Get instant notifications about travel alerts or cancellations for weather or other reasons.

● Find out more about what to do at the airport before your flight departs or once you land at your destination.

● Learn how to get points on your card every time you fly with Saudia Airlines and convert them into vouchers for future purchases at our online shopping mall.

● See the points you have earned on your card so far and how many are left until you reach another voucher.

Features of SAPTCO Mod Apk

SAPTCO Mod Apk is a Saudi Arabia app for navigation that can help you find directions to any destination in Saudi Arabia. The app includes several features and functionalities that include:

Contacts Book: This feature allows you to store your favorite destinations in the contacts book available on the captcha app.

History: This feature will save the history of the routes you took so you can use it later.

Favorites: You can save your favorite destinations to access them quickly whenever you want.

Google Street View: If you have doubts about a particular area, you can check its image on Google street view before taking a turn or going to a destination.

Points of Interest: In addition to the Text-To-Speech guide, this feature provides you with maps of hospitals, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and more.

Text-to-Speech Guide: This feature provides instructions about where you are heading so that you do not get lost.

 Traffic Information: In the event of traffic jams in different areas, this feature informs you about the traffic situation on your way to avoid being late for work or missing necessary appointments.

Day & Night Mode:

1. Get real-time updates on all the buses’ departure times in Dammam, Dhahran, AlKharj, Riyadh, Jubail, and Qatif.

2. Find the locations of all the bus stops, find them on the map and get directions.

3. Find out if your bus stop has a shelter and get directions.

4. Plan your bus trip using our easy-to-use map interface with real-time updates of departures and arrival times at each bus stop and plan how much time you will spend at each location before getting on the next bus.

5. See a list of all buses that have passed and are predicted to pass at any point along your planned route at any time during your trip, with their estimated arrival times and remaining journey durations.

6. Get notifications for when a bus is about to arrive at any point along your planned route. See its predicted arrival time, remaining journey duration, and location on a map so you can plan for it.

Online tickets: Users can purchase tickets online via credit card or cash on delivery (COD). This feature is available for both one-time tickets and monthly cards. Users can buy a one-way ticket or a return ticket at any time before departure. They will be able to print their tickets or download them to their

Installing SAPTCO Mod Apk

After downloading the SAPTCO Mod Apk, you can go to the App Store and find a lot of applications such as maps, navigation, online store, and much more.

Steps of installation:

1. Download the application from the link below

2. Install the applications on your phone; you can find them in all applications folders or get them from the google play store.

3. After installing and opening the application, click on the “Go to website” button, the Saudi app button, and the “install application” button that appears at the bottom of the page.

4. Now, you can use the saptco apk without any problem.

Troubleshoot for the installation:

Sometimes saptco app doesn’t install automatically, so you need to install it manually. To do this, go to settings>security>device administration>and turn on installation from unknown resources.


SAPTCO Mod Apk is the best navigation app in Saudi Arabia. saptco apk provides you with the facility of offline maps and navigation services. saptco Maps is a perfect map application developed to offer you the best route between your desired locations with a lot of ease. saptco apk is an ideal route planner available for Android;

SAPTCO Mod Apk provides you with detailed ways to reach any place in Saudi Arabia easily and quickly. Captcha User Interface is very convenient and straightforward to use. saptco apk Offline map makes this app complete for your travel need in Saudi Arabia.


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