Saudi Driving License Test Dallah Mod Apk

Dallah Mod Apk is an application for learning the Saudi driving test. In addition, it will help you understand the car and truck rules of Saudi Arabia. Dallah Mod Apk has five parts: Circular Signals, Security Signs, Road Signs, Rules and Regulations, and Traffic signals. This application is developed in English and Arabic, but it will be helpful for people from other languages.

Remember that there are many questions about traffic rules and regulations, so we have prepared a program for you to learn all the questions you need to answer during the test. Taking the answers with you when practicing them and using them on the test day is best.

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The program includes 2000 questions and answers, divided into ten sections, making learning them more accessible. This program also has a simple interface, which takes little time to navigate between the sections, making it easy for users with no experience with these programs.

Description Of Dallah Mod Apk

Would you like to know about Dallah Mod Apk? It is the best app for Saudi Driving License Test. As a result, it will help us pass the test. In addition, we can also learn about the traffic law regulations in Saudi Arabia. Hence we will have a better understanding of driving in Saudi Arabia. Other than that, additional features are given below:

  • Easy navigation
  • Provides the latest news from Saudi Arabia and all around the world
  • Provides a history of different vehicles
  • Includes a list of famous people who died in separate accidents
  • It contains information about Accident Statistics in other countries
  • Provides Different kinds of Laws and Regulations regarding Traffic Accidents and Road Accidents
  • Provides information regarding how to test your vehicle before driving it on the road

Saudi Driving License Test

Dallah Mod Apk is an application that can install on your android mobile device, and then you can download it free of charge at the Google Play Store. This is a test to get your Saudi driving license online from your Android phone or tablet.

  • You can practice your knowledge about the Traffic Rules with this application.
  • Tests are available in English, Arabic, and Urdu languages.
  • -nswer the questions from the traffic rules and get your result.
  • Choose the mode you want to playtests. (Normal or random questions).
  • You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty. (Easy, moderate, difficult)

This app is entirely free. However, you can remove ads purchasing an In-app item.

Includes Saudi Driving License Test Dallah

1- The Saudi Traffic Rules and Regulations, according to the latest issued laws (in Arabic and English Languages).

2- The Saudi Traffic Signs, according to the latest laws (in Arabic and English).

3- General Information about the Saudi Traffic Department.

4- General Information about the Saudi Traffic Authorities.

5- General Information about the Saudi Traffic Courts.

6- General Information about the Saudi Traffic Departments Offices.

7- Map all main roads in Riyadh City, including road numbers, schools, and college names, according to their GPS locations.

Features of Dallah Mod Apk

The app covers everything from the theory test to practical test tips. You will learn everything you need to know about the driving test in Saudi Arabia and how to pass it.

The app covers everything about the driving test in Saudi Arabia, such as:

  1. Learn about car parts and their functions;
  2. Learn about road signs;
  3. Learn about car signals;
  4. Learn about accident prevention techniques;
  5. Learn about traffic rules;
  6. Learn about braking techniques;
  7. The app includes a visual quiz to ensure that you understand what you’ve learned from the lessons;
  8. The app contains a mock exam with 100 questions and answers;
  9. The app includes a free eBooks section with valuable articles related to the driving test in Saudi Arabia;
  10. In addition to Arabic, this app also has a “translate.

Installing of Dallah Mod Apk

The first step is to install Saudi Driving License Test – Dallah Mod Apk. You can download the APK file or install it directly from Google Play. Once installed, you will be asked to create a username and password. The app will then generate a QR code for you, showing it at the nearest testing center.

Tutorial of Dallah Mod Apk

Step 1 – First of all, Download this form here. Dallah Driving School Co-developed this app.

Step 2 – Now, Open the Google Plays store on your phone, search for ” Dallah Mod Apk,” and tap on the “Install” button. This step will take a few seconds to complete. And that’s it! Now you need to wait for the OTA update notification to arrive to use the latest version of this app.

Note: If you want instant access to this app, download it from the above link.

Conclusion of Saudi Driving License Test Dallah Apk

Dallah Mod Apk is an excellent app for Android users. It consists of several questions regarding the road and traffic laws in Saudi Arabia. This can test the user’s knowledge before they sit for the official driving license test. The app also provides essential explanations related to the questions asked. This is a great way to prepare for the examination and learn more about driving rules in Saudi Arabia, especially for new drivers who need a refresher course on driving skills.



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