Saudi Gazette Apk

Saudi Gazette Apk is the most widely read English-language newspaper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dar Al-Hayat, based in Jeddah, published it. The newspaper is issued daily and provides news about Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This app is an easy tool for reading the latest news from the Saudi Gazette apk and its weekly sections, including: ‘The Week,’ ‘Saudi Arabia This Week,’ ‘Arabs and Muslims,’ ‘Business Report,’ and ‘Financial Report.’

The Saudi Gazette app lets you get the latest news from your android device anytime and anywhere. Saudi gazette app is straightforward to use and navigate; users can quickly navigate through news articles in a few clicks.

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Saudi Gazette is an institution in its own right. Its weekly editions are read by all categories of readers – business people, politicians, policymakers, diplomats, and journalists. The paper offers in-depth coverage of domestic politics, international events, business and economic developments, banking & finance, and sports. Tens of thousands of people visit this website daily to access the latest news and information from Saudi Arabia and across the globe.

Download the Saudi gazette APK app for android phones or tablets now to enjoy all kinds of news without any charge: Saudi Gazette, a credible news source from Saudi Arabia and around the world.

Features of Saudi Gazette Apk

Features of Saudi gazette APK:

Saudi Gazette is an essential news app in Saudi Arabia. This app gives you access to all newspapers in Saudi Arabia.

  • Subscribe to your favorite newspaper, and read it on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
  • You can share any news through Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Get the latest news from Twitter
  • All newspapers are available for offline reading once you download them
  • Find an article quickly through the search function
  • Change font size and background color of paper according to your taste;
  • Sleep mode supported; turn off the screen, and this app will continue working (excellent for tablets)
  • News section with the list of all categories, for example, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, etc.
  • You can easily add/remove categories from the list.
  • We have a massive list of news sources and newspapers for each category.

Downloading and Installing of Saudi gazette APK

The Saudi Gazette app is a popular way to access the latest news from around the Kingdom. With more than 600 downloads in just three weeks of its release, it continues to gain popularity as a preferred means of accessing news updates and articles.

1. From your mobile device, go to the play store and click “Saudi Gazette App.”

2. You will then be prompted with an option to download the app. Click on “download” and wait for the app to install on your phone or tablet.

3. Once you have installed the app, open it up and enter your username and password to start using it.


Saudi Gazette Apk is an English daily newspaper published in Jeddah, the second most important city in Saudi Arabia. It was started in 1991 and is owned by the Dar Al Hilal Group. The target audience of the newspaper includes both Arab and non-Arab readers around the world.

The Saudi Gazette aims to objectively present information through various topics. Therefore, the newspaper covers topics that interest Arabs and non-Arabs, in addition to local news stories.

The paper concentrates on national news, politics, business, international news, entertainment, and sports. In addition, several pages are dedicated to social issues such as education, employment opportunities, and human rights. There are also opinion pages where readers can voice their opinions on controversial topics and letters from various social organizations.