SHAREit lite MOD APK is a free file-sharing and transfer app. The app ensures you can share files at high speeds without losing quality. The app is for more than just sharing files between devices. You can also back up important files from your phone and use them later. It is a great way to ensure that you are always protected against data loss due to viruses or other reasons.

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Introduction of SHAREit lite MOD APK

SHAREit lite MOD APK allows you to share files in many different ways; you can share entire folders or files over groups using the app. This version of the SHAREit app has been specially designed for low-end phones so everyone can experience its benefits no matter what device they own.

Features of SHAREit lite MOD APK

SHAREit lite MOD APK is a popular app for transferring files from one device to another. It is the most popular and robust app available for Android devices. The app lets you transfer files from any device to another straightforward and quick manner. You can transfer all kinds of files in just a few seconds, including photos, videos, documents, music, and apps. This app allows you to share your files with anyone and anywhere with just one tap. In addition, you can easily connect with your friends within a second.

  1. Install this app now to enjoy its unique features.
  2. With SHARE it lite, you can share photos, videos, music, apps, contacts, and more between Android devices.
  3. Share files with friends quickly offline. For example, create a group of 5 to 100 people to exchange files without an Internet connection.
  4. You can also use SHARE it lite to back up your photos and videos on your phone and restore them whenever possible.
  5. Transfer all files: photos, videos, music, installed apps, and other files.
  6. Transfer all kinds of files whenever and wherever.
  7. Fastest in the world, 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  8. Transfer files without losing quality.
  9. Could you share it? Lite is 200 times faster than Bluetooth for transferring files between devices! The fastest transfer speed reaches up to 20M/s!

How to download and install SHAREit lite MOD APK?

SHAREit lite MOD APK is the fastest tool for cross-platform transferring without data cost. SHARE it lite uses WiFi to connect two devices; no network is required. As a result, you can transfer files like photos, videos, movies, and songs and move at lightning speed, 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Downloading instruction:

Step 1: Download SHAREit Lite Android App from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Click the install button.

Step 3: Installing.

Step 4: Open the app and enjoy.

Conclusion of SHAREit lite MOD APK

SHAREit – Transfer & Share is an app to transfer files from one device to another much faster than via Bluetooth or regular WiFi. To send a file using SHAREit – Transfer & Share, you have to select what you want to send and who it’s going to. The other user needs to be connected to your WiFi network. That way, both devices will detect each other automatically, and the transfer will start immediately. SHAREit – Transfer & Share also lets you receive files. You have to tap on the ‘Receive’ button in the app and select which type of file you want to accept: photo, video, music, installed app, or other types of files.


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