Sifu APK

Download Sifu APK Latest Version v1.4.1 Free for android in one click. Sifu APK is a free and fun action RPG games, developed by Community Games, where you will be able to become stronger by training your own personal character. Step into the shoes of a demon hunter and explore a vast world populated with diverse creatures. Players can team up with other heroes in order to face powerful bosses, each of whom has their own stories to tell.

Sifu APK Gameplay

Sifu is an awesome game genre that was released to everyone on Android platform. To play this game, you will need to download the APK version of Sifu for free from third-party websites. Sifu is a brand new and original game app. Players move the character to collect coins, earn points and defeat opponents in 5 different skill games. The gameplay of this game is same as Diablo 3 APK.

Sifu is a martial arts game, which allows you to hug the virtual teacher in order to learn the techniques of your choice. You can practice with friends and family or even against other players in real-time. The player starts off in training mode and builds up their skills. Players can also use their Sifu to challenge other users, earning their respect and honor through wins. They can also tackle challenges to become stronger during the game.

Sifu Game Features

In the game, you can play the guitar with the mode of folk music, pop music and Latin music in your choice. And it comes with 6 different guitars to choose from. To keep a steady tempo and beat, you need to use touch controls on the screen. Sifu APK is a game that allows you to become a cool martial artist. The game has many features, and it will allow you to learn quickly, or master it and create new moves.

Sifu games APK is the ultimate place for you to solve the puzzles, use the brain and train your memory. The game starts off with a free trial version which acts as a teaser for the full version. After that, you can purchase the full version for $4.99 or get all of it for free as long as you do not mind ads that may appear every now and then during gameplay. The paid version also offers more rewards such as buying coins or gems to either make purchases faster or unlock more features in this game.

  1. Control your character with the touch and drag controls.
  2. Unlimited Skills, Unlockable.
  3. Upgradeable and Changeable
  4. Many Different Enemies.
  5. Brutal Fighting Moves, Unique Combos and Actions (10 different moves).
  6. No Ads.
  7. 100% Free to Play.

Best martial arts game

Sifu is the best martial arts game you ever played. Sifu provides you a highly realistic experience of the Korean martial arts. With hundreds hours of game play, Sifu can become your home for Kung Fu. A brand new game, epic and original. We have tried to make it as the best dash puzzle game according to the users’ demand.

Turn-based RPG game

Sifu is a turn-based RPG game that takes place in a fantasy world where the peace has been shattered. You play as a warrior with strong moral convictions and an honorable heart. As you explore this savage world, you will complete quests, defeat enemies and ultimately find out who you are and why you are here. This action game has been designed for players who love games like Darkest Dungeon II and UltraGoodness Mod APK.

Sifu Game APK Download

Sifu is an addictive and competitive card game for Android smartphones. Meet other players in multiplayer mode to challenge them, or play against AI opponents. Sifu features: – Easy-to-learn rules of the game; – Unlockable cards with different stats; – Power-ups that help you to get more points or fend off your opponent; – Built-in AI system that reproduces real world tournaments, with various difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard.

Sifu is a free and fun adventure game for Android. Download Sifu for free on Google Play. Sifu is a smart offline strategy game, created by Big Fish Games. As an assistant coach, you’ll need to train your students and make sure that they are always ready in time for the next match. It’s up to you to set the right training schedule so that they get plenty of rest ahead of time, before their matches.

A beautiful action game in which you aim to become the best martial arts master. You attack the bad guys, do flips and evade attacks. Then you can send them flying with a kick! Have fun.