Sleeping Dogs Mod APk

Sleeping Dogs Mod APk was developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix in 2012. The story revolves around Wei Shen, an undercover cop recruited by Triad boss Hung to infiltrate the Hong Kong underworld. The game was praised for its open-world design, which allowed players to explore Hong Kong and engage in side quests freely, but was criticized for its combat system.

This is a modified version of the original Sleeping Dogs. It has been developed by Teamworx & Modded Games Mod Apk with permission from Square Enix Ltd. Teamworx & Modded Games Mod Apk is committed to providing you with the best gaming experience on your Android device. We regularly update our games with new features, bug fixes and improved performance so that you can enjoy playing your favourite games all day.

What is Sleeping Dogs Mod APK Definitive Edition?

This is a role-playing game in the city of San Francisco and features many characters designed by artist Tim Smit. The player can choose from a wide range of characters, each with its own story and background. The game’s main character is Wei Shen, an undercover police officer who has infiltrated the Triads to infiltrate their ranks and destroy them from within.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of Sleeping Dogs revolves around fighting, driving, shooting and stealth. Players will have to explore the city of San Francisco, looking for information about Triad activities and finding out what connections these people have with each other. They will also fight against gangs trying to take over the city.

This game has been designed for players who love Action games like Red Dead Redemption 2 APK or Escape from Chernobyl APK.

Modes of Game

Story Mode

In this mode, you will play the story of the game. You can choose from the four characters and complete missions given to you by the main character Wei Shen. The report has been divided into five chapters that you can play anytime. This model is relatively easy because it is designed for casual players who want to enjoy their favourite video games with little effort.

Online Multiplayer Mode

In this mode, players can compete against other players in different tournaments. They can also challenge each other to gain Money. Several types of matches are available, including deathmatch, capture the flag and last-man-standing modes.

Free Roam Mode

In this mode, players can access all the maps from single-player and multiplayer modes and their customization options, such as weapons and clothing items. They can also create their gangs using different characters from single-player and multiplayer modes and use them for crime-fighting missions or fun!

Different Characters of Game

Augustine: The protagonist of the game. He is an undercover cop who goes on a journey to Hong Kong. He is also the main character in the game, and he has his backstory.

Chen Lin: This is secondary character of this game. She is a prostitute and drug addict who lives with her pimp Ho Chi-Tung. She also cares for Augustine when he is injured in an accident during his mission to infiltrate Big Smile Tong.

Tong Lam: A master of martial arts who works as a bodyguard for Big Smile Tong. He is one of the essential characters because he helps Augustine escape prison after being convicted for killing Lin Chong’s family.

Play as Different Characters

The first feature is the ability to play as many characters as you want, each with unique abilities and special skills.

Customize your Characters

Another feature is the ability to customize your character’s appearance with clothing and accessories from different stores around Hong Kong.

Easy to Play

The game is straightforward, but it is also challenging game. You must be careful when you decide to drive your car on the streets of Hong Kong.

Realistic Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics in Sleeping Dogs APK are unique because they are so realistic that you feel like you are watching something from the real world! The sound effects are also good because they help create a more natural atmosphere when playing this game!

A lot of Missions

This game has a lot of missions for you to complete to get more Money and upgrade your character’s level and weapons. There are many different types of tasks in this game, such as racing missions, police missions, drug smuggling missions and others.

Weapons of Game

The in-game currency is used to buy weapons and armour. Weapons are divided into five categories: pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles and sniper rifles. Each weapon has characteristics that affect the final damage and stability of the gun.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money is one of the essential features of this modded game. It means you can purchase any item or upgrade in the game without paying a single penny. You need to download and install this modded game on your Android device.

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Health is another essential feature of this modded game. It means that you will not die quickly, even if you waste all your health points while playing the game because there are many health packs available in the game which can be used to recover your lost health points back again.

Unlimited Skill Points

Unlimited Skill Points is another essential feature of this modded game that makes it even more interesting for players who love to play video games on their Android devices. By using this modded version of Sleeping Dogs, you will get unlimited skill points so that you can buy new skills or upgrade existing ones at any time according to your wish and convenience, which makes it more fun for players to enjoy playing on their smartphones and tablets whenever they want to do so without having problems with their devices crashing down due to lack of resources.


Gems are one of the main currencies in Sleeping Dogs Mod APK obb for android, and they are used to buy clothes, accessories, weapons, etc., but they can also be used to upgrade your character’s skills so that they become stronger than before.

Unlock All Cars

There are many cars that you can unlock in Sleeping Dogs zip file download. Still, not all of them are available at once because some need certain parts like tires or engine parts before they can be unlocked by players who already own other cars with those parts already activated and ready to use. Locking all vehicles at once would require a lot of time and effort from players who want to do it.

How to Get?

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Final Words

Sleeping Dogs is an excellent game with a lot of potential to become one of the best games in the series. The gameplay is very smooth and easy to control, making it an ideal game for beginners and experienced players. The graphics are also excellent and keep you entertained for hours. However, some minor bugs must be fixed before they can be considered a complete game. Overall, Sleeping Dogs Mod APK is a great game that should be noticed by everyone looking for an excellent mobile gaming experience!