Sort Puzzle: Fun Ball Mod Apk

Sort Puzzle Mod Apk 2023 is specially designed for kids; it will know how to keep your kids’ attention and improve their intelligence. The ball can be sorted in different colours, parts, and sizes. Sort Puzzle Mod Apk can give great fun to you and your kids. Sort Puzzle Mod Apk contains 3 different puzzles with multiple images on each puzzle. It is designed to provide an easy way for kids to learn a colour sorting concept and make the sorting process fun and interesting. Easy to use the ball, roll it or move the balls around. The bright colours help to stimulate children’s eyes and senses.

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Sort Puzzle Mod Apk is not just a ball; it’s an interactive learning toy that develops motor skills and teaches colours, sorting, and counting in multiple languages. The soft foam ball has a three-channel sorting design that makes it simple to sort the 25 pieces by colour. Each ball piece has a different colour-coded end that fits into one of the ball’s three channels; the colours correspond with the discs inside the sorting tray. Doing so teaches children to match colours, learn shapes and numbers, sort, and build hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Description of Sort Puzzle Mod Apk

Sort Puzzle Mod Apk is a cute softball for children. It’s fun to throw and bounce around and not easy to be lost in the grass after it falls, which helps babies learn to distinguish among colours. The toy ball is made of environmentally friendly material, non-toxic without odour, resistant to thread, and durable. Colourful Sort Puzzle Fun Ball consists of 5 colourful balls in various shapes and sizes, which can be arranged by colour order. The logical puzzle toy can train children’s colour recognition and sorting ability.

The activity centre can also enhance the logical thinking ability of your baby while engaging the baby’s attention and stimulating creativity—colourful sort balls in 5 bright colours and 4 shapes. Colourful sort balls are easy to grip with four finger holes, great for throwing and catching, sorting, and colour recognition. The Colorful Sort Puzzle Fun Ball is made of soft environment protection material, harmless to your kids’ skin. Handy magnetic clip on the ball, easy to carry or hang up.

Features of Sort Puzzle Mod Apk

  • Improve child’s independence;
  • Control their hands;
  • Improve logical ability;
  • Train their focus;
  • Increase their creativity.
  • FUN BALL is a new category of early learning products.
  • It consists of puzzle balls, role-playing cards, and activity cards.
  • FUN BALL can create a unique and exciting learning environment for children.
  • The strong teaching function ensures children develop a deep interest in learning, encourages children to express creative patterns, and combine and classify according to colour, number, and size.
  • FUN BALL is an innovative product series with four different levels of assembly requirements. The kids grouped and sorted out similar items according to their ability development needs.
  • A colourful sort puzzle ball contains two openings/sides for two different puzzle games.
  • Ten different animal buttons are randomly inserted into the air-filled ball, making a rumbling sound when rolled around. When the buttons are out, put them back in the special openings to create the puzzle again.
  • With lots of fun pieces, kids will stay occupied and use their reasoning skills.
  • And with ten different animals to choose from, they’ll never get bored! Older children can also enjoy this game by challenging each other to unscramble all animals as fast as possible.
  • This toy ball is not just for fun! The construction of this solid wood Color Sort Puzzle makes it a working puzzle that helps children learn colours and work with their hands.
  • Children will love the colourful shapes on the front of each disk, and their names are written on the back in fun colours.
  • Children twist the disks off as you roll the ball to sort by colour and name.
  • This toy grows with your child because they can add more disks once they master this activity.
  • This colourful, fun ball features over 20 interactive features that help develop and improve a pup’s senses.

How to Download Sort Puzzle Mod Apk?

  • Sort Puzzle Mod Apk is a very good product.
  • It’s a puzzle ball with two modes.
  • The “sorting” mode provides learning through gameplay, and the “workspace” mode provides learning by separating individual parts to make it easier for kids to work on.
  • The teaching material is more than 600 words (English).
  • The product supports both Android and iOS systems.
  • Just find the QR Code below the picture and then scan the code by your phone (Android or iOS) to download this app directly.
  • Press the “Download Now” button, and wait for a few seconds until the downloading process is finished.
  • Then, you can enjoy your fun game.

Conclusion of Sort Puzzle Mod Apk

Sort Puzzle Mod Apk is designed for kids to match the puzzle piece with the correct hole and get perfect matching pieces. The ball is designed with three levels of difficulty. First round, you can choose two different colours, second round, you can choose mixed colours, third round, you can choose one colour only.In the Sort Puzzle Mod Apk, children can see the colours, shapes, and numbers that appear as they change positions. The ball also comes with 8 wooden blocks and 1 colourful sorting block.


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