Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk

Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk is an endless runner where you must use a grappling hook to swing through the sky. You’ll fly through the air, full speed ahead, collecting coins and dodging obstacles.

Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk is pretty simple — at least in concept. You must tap the screen to swing your grappling hook from one ring to another. Your character will automatically run forward, but you must ensure you don’t fall by connecting your grappling hook from circle to ring.

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Introduction of Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk

Collecting coins in Swing Loops is also pretty easy. There are many scattered about the levels, so all you have to do is swing your way into them. However, you’ll also have to be careful not to crash or hit an enemy or obstacle because your character will explode and die if you do.


Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk- a dynamic arcade game for Android devices in which the user will have to control the hero, which moves with a grapple. The game’s protagonist is an adventurer who travels through abandoned cities, dangerous jungles, and other places where he can find many dangers. In this game, you need to help him escape from his pursuers. For this, you need to use the rope and swing on it.

The gameplay is divided into several races, which differ in complexity and complexity. At each location, you need to overcome obstacles that are located at different heights. Sometimes, you can encounter spikes and other traps that will destroy the hero at one touch. For the successful passing of each race, you need to collect coins that are scattered along the way. In addition, the user can improve their hero’s abilities by buying new characters and upgrading them.

Features of Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk

  1. Gaming hierarchy: each level has 11 sublevels. You can’t be sneaky and skip any of them to reach the next destination. Come on, be a real gamer.
  2. Each sublevel is unique within the level, with a different route and features you can use on your way—no place for boredom.
  3. The game has competitive elements: other runners will be alongside you. That’s why it’s called a race.
  4. There are many possible actions to take: jump, fly, run, go, even stop – do whatever you want to come in first!
  5. New stylish outfits. Come on, and they’re smart, in our opinion! Tastes differ.
  6. Endless chances to start over. This is crucial when you fall off a 12-story building.
  7. The unique opportunity to double or triple the treasures you gather, and sometimes the multipliers are even higher.
  8. While we’re on the subject of treasures, we should mention colorful crystals.

MOD Features of Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Coins
  3. Unlimited Power-Ups
  4. All Characters Unlocked
  5. All Skins Unlocked
  6. No Ads

How to download and install Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk?

Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk is the first game to combine a platformer’s fast-paced fun with the physics-based action and precision timing of a grappling hook.

You can download Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race here. Now, let’s see the instructions on how to download it.

  • First, you must open your browser and search “Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race.”
  • Second, after you find it, you need to click the “Install” button and wait for installation.
  • Third, when the installation is finished, you can play it or use it on your device.

Conclusion of Swing Loops- Grapple Hook Race Mod Apk

In this game, you will have a variety of characters and wingsuits. They are all very unique and beautiful colors. Each character has its special abilities. You can unlock them by using the points you earn in each match. In addition, you will also open new wingsuits with different colors for your character through continuous experience points earned from each game.

When flying in the air, many obstacles, such as spikes or holes, appear very quickly in front of you. If you hit these obstacles, it will cause your character to fall immediately and die immediately! Therefore, you need to focus on the game screen when participating in this game to avoid obstacles and collect rewards like coins or diamonds along the way.


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