Textra Pro Mod Apk

Textra Pro Mod Apk 2023 is the latest version, a beautiful, full-featured messaging app available for Android download. Textra app helps fast and smoothly and has all the right features. Extra vs. google messages is a powerful, professional, easy-to-use SMS / MMS messaging app.
Textra online was initially developed to solve the problem of slow SMS notifications received on the Android platform. However, many users have experienced delayed SMS notifications with their default messaging app.

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Textra Pro Mod Apk

In this version, we have focused on adding new features and improving performance. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Textra for Android Wear now supports voice reply from your wrist! Reply to a message without picking up your phone, or dictate a quick response using Google Voice typing.
  • Quick Reply Popups let you send messages from any screen using Lollipop’s Direct Reply feature. You can choose from 4 options: stock, JellyBean legacy, KitKat full, or KitKat compact (stock Lollipop). See the screenshots below for examples.


Themes & Customization Of Textra Pro Mod Apk

Textra Mod Apk comes with 17 free themes to choose from. So change up your look to suit your mood or match your wallpaper! You can even create your music using our Themes Editor.

Textra Mod Apk includes a variety of features not found in the default Android Messaging app, including:

  • An extensive theme builder with light, dark and black options for every single part of the app
  • Free form, resizable canvas for your creation
  • Customized fonts, font sizes, and color schemes for every conversation
  • Signature support, including multiple lines and bulleted lists
  • Rich media support with automatic link detection and long press to view images in chat windows.

Key Features of Textra Pro Mod Apk

Textra Pro app Help is the premium version of Textra, featuring an enhanced color picker, scheduled SMS and MMS, Quick Reply Popup, and much more.

  • Customizable color theme (light & dark)
  • Advanced Typing Notification with Voice Reply & Big Reply Mode
  • Quick Compose – start typing a message before picking contacts from your address book or selecting an existing message to reply to
  • Scheduled SMS & scheduled MMS (Android 4+). Schedule when to send your message for later. Great for birthdays!
  • Quick Reply – swipe left on any message notification to quickly reply without opening the application.

The following is a list of all the features available in Textra Pro Apk:

  • Enhanced Color Picker
  • Scheduled SMS/MMS
  • Quick Reply Popup
  • Homescreen Widgets (4×1 and 4×2)
  • Android Wear Smartwatch Support
  • Beautiful high-quality theming with light, dark and auto-night modes.
  • Quick Reply from notification.
  • Delayed sending to avoid embarrassment (snooze).
  • Convenient multimedia picker to attach multiple images or videos to your text messages.
  • Disable the scroll cache to boost the performance of older devices.

Mod Features of Textra App Issues

The mod version of Textra pro features has all the features of the paid version plus unlimited customization options, including:

  • Custom notification sounds (Android 4.1+)
  • Custom vibration patterns (Android 4.1+)
  • Auto-reply options (Android 4.2+)
  • Theme support (choose from over 20 built-in themes or create your own using any image from your gallery)
  • Stickers (including animated)
  • Rich links
  • Quick Replies
  • Quick Compose (with suggested contacts)
  • Voice messages
  • Smart notifications with granular controls (including trusted contacts notifications)
  • Lock screen notifications (Android 4.2+) with quick reply* on Android 6+*

Textra is unique in offering the following features:

  • Quick Reply popup window – This allows you to send messages without leaving your current application (e.g., Facebook Messenger).
  • Scheduled texting – Send messages at a later time or date, like an automated assistant for texting. Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries!
  • Desktop notifications – See when someone sends you a message while at work or away from your phone. This is great for group chats that require your attention when you are busy elsewhere!
  • Bundled notifications – When someone sends multiple messages quickly, we bundle them together, so they appear as one notification on your screen (we also do this with MMS messages). This helps reduce clutter in the notification shade and makes it easier to manage multiple conversations simultaneously.


Textra Pro Apk V/S Other Apps

  • Textra Pro Mod Apk is a messaging app available for free on the Google Play Store. It’s one of the most popular texting apps, and it’s easy to see why.
  • It has many features that make it different from the other apps. This has over 1 million downloads, so you know it’s good!
  • Textra Pro Mod Apk was designed with the average user in mind. It’s not overloaded with too many features or options, which makes it easy to use. If you’re looking for something simple but effective, then Textra SMS Pro is worth checking out.
  • Textra Pro Mod Apk has been around for quite a while now, so it has plenty of users who have given it great reviews across the internet. You can find lots of information about this app online if you want to read more about it before downloading it yourself.
  • Textra SMS pro online is an excellent app for sending text messages. It has many features and some unique ones, especially if you have seen the other apps on Android.
  • The main reason why Textra SMS backup is better than the other messaging apps is that it allows you to have theme colors that are not your standard blue or green. You can pick from several different colored backgrounds as well. The themes are straightforward to use, and they are clear in your eyes as well.
  • With this app, you can also use emojis in your text messages because it has over 1,000 emojis available. You can even choose an image from your phone’s gallery and send it as an emoji instead of typing words with letters and symbols like other messaging apps require.
  • Textra also allows you to customize your message bubbles so that they look how you want them to look before sending them off into cyberspace for all the world to see (or at least those who receive them). There is also a feature where you can send pictures in real-time with just one button tap instead of going through all kinds of steps to get something done.

How to Download Textra Pro Mod Apk?

Downloading Textra Pro Mod Apk is a snap. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Android device, go to Google Play and search for “Textra.”
  2. Click on the Textra Pro Mod Apk entry in the Play Store app.
  3. Tap to download and install the app on your Android phone or tablet.
  4. When the download is complete, open the app to start using it!

Download Textra desktop for PC and Mac

Textra for PC is a messaging application that allows you to send and receive messages on your computer. If you want to send messages from your PC, you can download this application. You can also use Textra Pro Mod Apk in your web browser to send text messages through the internet. In this article, we will tell you how to download This for PC with steps so that you can send text messages from your computer.

Step 1: Open Chrome web browser or any other web browser on your computer

Step 2: Go to extra. me downloads (If any pop-up appears, then click on “Allow”)

Step 3: Click on the “Download” button, which is located at the bottom of the page

Step 4: After downloading, double-click on the file which is downloaded and wait until it installs


You will like Textra Pro Mod Apk because it has all the facilities for you, which are very good compared to other apps, then download it from our site apkmiz.com now without any delay and enjoy it if you need any more information. You will be answered as soon .


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