Yalla Lite Apk – Group Voice Chat

Yalla Lite Apk is a web-based platform designed for group voice chat. Set up a room and invite your friends. With Yalla, you can talk to people from anywhere in the world. Yalla Lite Apk is free and straightforward to use. All you need is your computer’s microphone and speakers, an internet connection, and Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer is NOT supported).

Yalla Lite Apk is a free group voice chat app on android. You can use it to talk with your friends and family or start a group call with people you don’t know. It also has cool features like push-to-talk (PTT) for channels, making communication more direct and straightforward.

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Description Of Yalla Lite Apk

You can use Yalla Lite apk to create a group voice chat channel. One can use this channel for communication between family and friends, study groups, business meetings, and much more. In addition, Yalla Lite allows you to organize your team into a voice chat channel and discuss your ideas directly in the browser.

Yalla Lite apk is designed for easy use whether you are in a meeting room, coffee shop, or on the go. It is built with Google WebRTC technology, so you can use it without downloading any plugins or software. Join the leading group voice chat with a video conferencing tool available anytime, anywhere.

Features Of Yalla Lite Mod Apk

  • Easy setup – type in the room name and click “Join.”
  • Works on any device with Chrome or Firefox browser and a microphone/speakers.
  • Talk to as many people as you want simultaneously with no limit on how many people can join a room.
  • See who’s talking by highlighting their name in the list of users.
  • Create group chats with up to 10 contacts
  • Make and receive group audio calls
  • Send text messages to your contacts and groups
  • Share your location with people on your contact list
  • Send photos and images from your gallery
  • Create conference calls with up to 4 people
  • Share your screen with other participants in the conversation
  • Import contacts from your phone’s address book or Google account


  • Group voice chat – No more passing the phone around!
  • No need for an account or login – Install and start chatting
  • An unlimited number of participants from 1 to thousands!
  • Everyone hears everyone – No need for a host or moderator
  • Use Yalla Lite as a free conference bridge between other VoIP softphones, SIP providers, and PBXes.
  • Push-to-talk support, mute/unmute individual participants, and more features are coming soon.

Installing Of Yalla Lite

Steps to download the app:

1: Download the Yalla App for Android or iPhone

2: Open the app and create a group with a maximum of four people.

3: Once you have created a group, click “Join via URL” in the top right corner. Please copy the link you paste into your browser and send it to everyone else who wants to join.

4: Click on that link, and you should be able to join immediately. If not, try again later.

Conclusion Of Yalla Lite Mod

Yalla Lite Apk is a simple and intuitive app for Android and iOS to create free voice calls and send unlimited messages via WhatsApp.Yalla Lite is a free group voice chat app that allows you to connect with your friends and family anywhere in the world. While on a call, everyone can listen to everyone else.

You can call any mobile or landline number, but there are some calling limitations. For example, if a line has a limited allocation of minutes or unlimited minutes, you will see minor or unlimited at the end of the number, respectively. Also, depending on your phone plan, provider, and country code, you may only call certain international lines from some countries.