Art Puzzle Mod Apk فن ألعاب الألغاز

فن ألعاب الألغاز: Art Puzzle Mod Apk is a puzzle game that challenges you to solve puzzles based on the world’s most famous paintings. Each painting has a series of related puzzles that you need to complete. You can earn your reward for correctly completing the riddle or using hints if you get stuck. Of course, it would help if you solved the puzzles in single-player mode while beating your high score.

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Introduction of Art Puzzle Mod Apk

There are 20 levels in فن ألعاب الألغاز – Art Puzzle‏ Mod Apk, each containing ten puzzles for you to complete. You can either play the levels in order or skip them and unlock them later. You will be given a series of paintings to choose from. When you select one, you will be given a series of related puzzles to complete. For example, if you select the Mona Lisa painting, you will be given ten different Mona Lisa-related puzzles to solve, such as “The Girl in A Hat” and “A Lady on A Horse .”There are also two different modes: single-player mode and multiplayer mode.

Features of Art Puzzle Mod Apk

Art Puzzle Mod Apk is your best game to exercise your brain. The game has many exciting features that you should pay attention to.

  1. More than 100 Famous Artworks are available to enjoy.
  2. You can see the name of the image and its number when you open it
  3. You can see the number of moves you have in each puzzle and their maximum number
  4. Possible to take a picture of any predicament and make it a mystery in the game, which is saved locally
  5. Fun and easy to play, challenging to master!
  6. Many levels of difficulty, from very easy to extremely difficult. The most relaxing puzzle game there is!
  7. No time limits, color matching, or paywalls – just pure puzzle fun!

How to download and install Art Puzzle Mod Apk?

  • Downloading فن ألعاب الألغاز – Art Puzzle Mod Apk is simple; see the below steps.
  • Download the Apk file on this Website.
  • After finishing downloading, you should find the apk file and install it.
  • Of course, you should enable “Unknown Sources” to install Apps outside the Play Store.
  • Then you can open and enjoy the فن ألعاب الألغاز – Art Puzzle‏ Mod Apk.

Conclusion of Art Puzzle Mod Apk

فن ألعاب الألغاز: Art Puzzle‏ Mod Apk is a puzzle game with beautiful and addictive gameplay. You will have the opportunity to play games with hundreds of different images and much more stunning gameplay. فن ألعاب الألغاز – Art Puzzle‏ Mod Apk is a free puzzle game. Although it is free and has many exciting features, it still provides players with more than one way to get rid of ads when using the application.

In addition, the game also gives players access to hundreds of pictures in many genres, from art to nature and many other genres. To create a complete picture, you need to move all the pieces in the right place and create an entire image. It would help if you touched the screen, then dragged and dropped each block into its original position. The game also allows you to use hints to complete your picture efficiently.


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